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Fairy tales are lovely stories that have a happy ending… or so we all thought. They can consist of giants, gnomes, wolves, goblins, enchantments, and many other imaginative creations. What you probably did not know was that fairy tales can also mean just about any far fetched story. And this game, was very, very far fetched.

Fairytale Fights is about four fairytale characters, some which we’re all familiar with, like Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and Jack (Beanstalk Jack). Then we have the Naked Emperor, and I have no clue where or how Playlogic found him. Don’t let that name fool you, he does have at least have a leaf over his Johnson.  Each character is supposed to be famous, pending on what their individual stories are, which we all know and read. It seems Little Taylor, the hottest star is Taleville, is taking all the fame for himself, and making the stars of the game feel second rate. They all get depressed and desperate to gain their fame, and that’s when their new story unfolds.

The stages were extraordinary. It was everything that I would expect to see in a fairy tale. Everything was entwined, as you made your way from forests, to castles, and back into nature. The slight blurry effects in certain scenes made it feel as though I was in some dream land, though It was not too far off from reality. I loved the design of the characters and layout of the world. The characters are small, stubby legged, and have big beady eyes. My what big eyes you have to show emotions with! The designers did not go for the reality aspect of the human body, but this isn’t reality now, is it? The music was exquisite. The nice Medieval feeling you get while playing really helps you get more into the game. And when boss battles occur, the music makes you want to kick their ass. Each scene had a perfect music montage.

I thought bulls only had a thing for the color red. Now I understand how they feel. When it comes to fighting in that game, the lovely fairy tale creatures aren’t so friendly anymore. Sure the poor bunnies keep getting sodomized with knives for some reason in the game…but you’ll see what I mean when you play it. It’s just endless bloodshed. Once you punch, push, or stab someone with a weapon, blood will just start pouring out of your enemies. We’re not talking about a little pint of blood, we’re talking about gallons of blood all over the floor which you can continuously slide on, degrading your enemies even further. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Killing an enemy with a soft pillow was something I always thought about. Suffocating, no, how about just bashing them over the head with it until it stops the blood from flowing. It was hard to do, but yet it was fun to watch them go down with shame.  There are over 160 weapons in the game, from blunt to sharp weapons, bows, guns, potions and wands, each having a weapon strength, from being very light for damage, to a destructive force of pure pain. You could choose weapons ranging from a marshmallow on a stick to Excalibur, which by the way, looks like an anvil on the end of a sword’s shaft. Fairytale Fights is powered by Unreal Technology, but also incorporates a unique technology for blood and gore. Depending on how you slice your enemy, the enemy will either show marks of those slices or will actually be decapitated from that slice. If I were to attack at the head, and I sliced it, the head will just pop off and roll around the floor lifeless as though it was wanting me to kick it somewhere. Besides slicing and bashing your enemies, how you die is also unique.  There are many traps and obstacles in the game, from mouse traps, swinging pendulums to flame pits, and each way you die shows a unique factor. You could turn to dust,  have spikes going through your body, or you could just be turned to mulch by a large book. Either way they are all quite enjoyable to watch that is of course until you keep dying by them.

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One major setback I found when reviewing the game were the controls. I am not saying the controls themselves were bad, just the way it was handled in the game were horrid at times. Sometimes I was saying to myself,  “No don’t attack him, attack that guy with the gun” or “If I knock a guy off a cliff, why do I have to fall off the cliff as well?”. One certain slip of the finger and it could lead you to your doom or the loss of a great weapon, you can’t get them back if you drop it somewhere you can’t get to. I died over 35 times in one stage because I realized the camera angles sometimes did not work in my favor, and the A.I. were douches to say the least.

Besides the downer of the controls, there were many other things to look up to. The co-op mode was fantastic. The game was begging me to play with three other people. More people equals more bloodshed, even between ourselves. You could choose to turn friendly fire off, but I rather push my partner off a ledge “accidentally” and laugh at them when they revive. Speaking of reviving, there are no life limits; you could keep dying as much as you want, like when I died over 35 times in one stage. Sure it pisses you off, but at least I don’t have to save or go back to the last checkpoint all the time.The only thing that you lose is some riches, jewels or coins you pick up from chests and enemies you kill. You could use those riches to either take a chance at the wishing well and hope to get something good, or going to Taleville and pay a carver to build a statue of your glory. The benefit for that is to get a nice trophy or a good amount of achievement points. Getting achievement points or trophies is quite simple in the game; it requires playing the game 3 times. If you want to show off the skills that you have, you could challenge your friends to the Arena, a place where you fight each other to the death, using your natural surroundings and your wits.

Overall this game was fun to play. If you enjoy endless bloodshed and not being afraid to die, the slicing and dicing, and of course, fairy tales, this game is perfect for you. I prefer the sliding on my enemies’ blood, but that’s just me. This is at most the most adulterated version of a fairy tale I have ever seen in my life, so far. I hope Playlogic is thinking of telling us another story in the not so distant future.

  • Title: Fairytale Fights
  • Platform Reviewed: Xbox 360
  • Developer: Playlogic Game Factory
  • Publisher: Playlogic Entertainment
  • MSRP: $59.99
  • Release Date: October 27, 2009
  • Review Copy Info: This Review Copy was sent to DualShockers Inc by/or on the behalf of the Publisher/Developer for Reviewing Purposes
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