Fake Capcom Vs. Protomen Lawsuit Making The Rounds

Fake Capcom Vs. Protomen Lawsuit Making The Rounds

Recently, a screencap of a cease and desist message sent by Capcom to The Protomen popped up somewhere on the internet and proceeded to go around somewhat, likely due to the big anti-Capcom sentiment that’s taken over a lot of people’s minds as of late.

I assure you, it’s false. If you check the actual date on the email, it’s pretty obvious, and the attorney listed doesn’t appear to be affiliated with Capcom. And The Protomen’s site is still up, and they’re still selling their great music.


It’s not the most convincing one of the anti-Capcom rumors that’ve been going around lately; to me it seems even more ridiculous than the “Seth Killian siccing rent-a-cops on Megaman cosplayers” rumor going around a few days ago.

Honestly, people trying to make Capcom look terrible are getting to be infinitely more annoying than Capcom’s actual bad decisions.