Falcom Outlines Kiseki 15th Anniversary Projects

Falcom Outlines Kiseki 15th Anniversary Projects

A Kiseki festival, a new artbook and more are coming to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Trails series.

Falcom revealed some of the plans set in motion to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Kiseki series, known as the Trails series in the west.

An event titled the “Kiseki Series 15th Anniversary Memorial Festival” was announced. During the event, Tokyo Anime Center will sell new goods related to the Kiseki series. Many different subevents will be held at the center, like talk shows with Falcom’s staff. It’s likely that new information on the next Kiseki games will be revealed during these events as well.

The festival will last from June 14 to July 7 and is co-organized by Dengeki Online. Dengeki Online opened an official page where more events will be announced. The page with all the goods listed can be reached here, but keep in mind that some illustrations are spoiler-ish.

The next biggest anniversary project revealed so far is a new artbook, the “Kiseki Series 15th Anniversary Sen no Kiseki Character Maniacs” artbook. It’s 352 pages long, priced 4500 Yen, and releases on June 24. The artbook includes a list of all the characters that appeared in Trails of Cold Steel I to IV, more than 1300 characters in total. It includes each character’s history, how they are linked to each other, and new illustrations. It’ll also include a new four-panels manga by Daisuke Arakubo, who also drew the Falcom Gakuen manga.

The artbook’s cover,  the logo and the key visual for the Kiseki 15th anniversary were revealed as well.

Falcom already revealed that two new Kiseki games are currently in development. The first one will be the start of a new saga in the series, set in the east of the Zemuria continent and might feature a female protagonist. The second one will be a “Gaiden” like game and cover events not shown in the four Trails of Cold Steel games. We’ve covered everything we know about both games so far in a previous article.

Falcom also already stated that the Gaiden game will release before the next main game. It might come in 2019 as part of the series’s 15th anniversary.

Meanwhile, Trails of Cold Steel III will be launching this Fall in the west on PS4, and the first two games are now on PC.