Falcom Teases News Regarding the Kiseki Series Coming on November 7

Falcom might reveal the Gaiden game for Trails of Cold Steel, or it might just be new goods.

Falcom shared a mysterious tweet on November 6, teasing something is coming on November 7. The tweet only says “Tomorrow” and includes a link towards Falcom’s official site.

Before we get hyped, there are multiple elements we should keep in mind. It’s best to always take with a grain of salt what Falcom publishes on its official Twitter. The Twitter account is handled by multiple individuals and is often tongue-in-cheek. This announcement was teased with Rean wearing some of the flashiest costumes and accessories you can get. Falcom’s Twitter account also regularly jokes about Adol and Dogi being lovers. Or that Falcom’s cat mascot Mishy is the peak of manliness. So this might as well be teasing the announcement of something super small, such as new goods for the Trails/Kiseki series.

However, if it’s not new goods, then we might get a teaser for a new game, and with more details coming later through Famitsu magazine or Dengeki PlayStation magazine. We might be getting an announcement regarding the previously mentionedTrails of Cold Steel Gaiden”-like game. As it’s supposed to release before the next main game in the Trails/Kiseki series. Another possibility, but its unlikely seeing they picked a Rean screenshot, would be new info regarding the PS4 versions of Zero no Kiseki and Ao no Kiseki. These games were teased during the Kiseki Series 15th anniversary stream (spoiler-filled summary here). These PS4 versions might be coming west one day too. Meanwhile, we just got Trails of Cold Steel III in the west thanks to NIS America.

In any case, even if nothing happens on November 7, Falcom will definitely announce its next game before the end of 2019. This is how they do things. Falcom always releases one big game a year, at the end of September, and that game is usually announced at the end of the year in November or December. This year’s game was Ys IX: Monstrum Nox, which released on September 26 in Japan and was announced in December 2018. While Ys IX has no western release planned yet, It’ll definitely come over. I’ve been enjoying the Japanese version myself, and an editorial with my impressions should be coming soon. It’s hard to juggle between all the games released recently, including Persona 5 Royal. Anyway, you can check our interview with Toshihiro Kondo if you haven’t yet.

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