Falcom President On a Possible New Ys Vs Kiseki Game, Ys IX and Ys X Possibly Releasing on PS5, and More

Toshihiro Kondo spoke on what Falcom could do with Ys X, on a possible new Ys Vs Kiseki, and if they'll move to PS5 or not.

The latest edition of Dengeki PlayStation magazine (Vol 682) included an interview with Falcom’s President Toshihiro Kondo. He talked about the Ys series and Ys IX Monstrum Nox, the Trails/Kiseki series, and what Falcom is planning to do with PS5.

Here are the most interesting tidbits from the interview:

Kondo talked about what Falcom will do with Ys X. Or rather, how they don’t know what to do with it yet. Plans for Ys X are currently completely blank, but Kondo definitely wants to make it into a memorable game, seeing it’ll be Ys X after all. He wants to evolve the series and its systems even more compared to Ys IX, but maybe also make it closer to its roots, All while seeing what can be improved.

Kondo also mentioned that Ys X will be a PS5 game if there’s enough fan demand. But if many fans still wish to play on PS4, then it’ll be on PS4. I personally believe Falcom won’t be moving on to PS5 anytime soon. Not until late 2021, so one year after PS5 has launched. Falcom is a very small studio, so unless PS5 is really easy to develop on and that development costs aren’t much higher than for PS4, they won’t take the risk and just stay on PS4 for one or two years.

Kono also spoke about the Kiseki series. Most notably about a possible new Ys Vs Kiseki game. He mentioned how non-Japanese journalists often ask him about it (I did during my interview with him), and he’d like to do a new Ys Vs Kiseki game one day. He jokingly said that he could write a “Games Falcom need to make” list, and do all of it, but it won’t be over until he turns 60 years old. He’s currently 44.
He jokingly added that he also wishes to write “remake the first two Ys games” on that list, but if they do that, Falcom will really never ever finish making all the games they want to do. This was definitely said as a joke, and you shouldn’t expect a Ys I&II remake.

Next, Kondo spoke about Ys IX Monstrum Nox in detail. The game got a new update on November 29, which fixed the FPS problem, and it’s supposed to be the final update for the game. He also mentioned that Ys IX could get an enhanced version releasing on PS5, which would add many new elements, such as making Aprilis playable.

Falcom thought that Doll would be the most popular Ys IX character in Japan, but Raging Bull’s DLC costume is selling more. Falcom also published the results of a character popularity poll on Twitter. The top five is: White Cat, Doll, Adol, Red King, Aprilis.
I’m personally surprised Hawk and Raging Bull aren’t among the top five.

The following parts contain small spoilers for Ys IX: Monstrum Nox. Kondo also talked about story details including the ending, but I didn’t read nor translate these comments here as I didn’t finish the game myself yet. I’m mentioning it anyway if you know Japanese, already finished the game, and are interested. Here are some of these not too spoiler-ish details:

Cred was supposed to appear at the beginning of the game when Adol and Dogi enter Balduq. However, they realized it’ll be a plothole because, at that point in the story, the Monstrum can’t leave the city because of the curse.

Kondo mentioned he might link the alchemy elements appearing in Ys IX with the alchemy from Ys V. He previously teased a Ys V remake, so this will probably happen.

That’s all. Falcom previously teased Ys IX: Monstrum Nox is coming west. PS4 remakes for Zero no Kiseki and Ao no Kiseki should get fully revealed soon too.

As a side note, the Falcom December 2019 Official Calendar is out.

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