Fall Guys -- The 25 Best Fan-Made Skins We've Seen So Far

Fall Guys fan art is everywhere at the moment. Here are the 25 best that we've found on the internet.

By Sam Woods

August 12, 2020

Since the game’s release last week on PS4 and PC, Fall Guys fan art has taken the internet by storm. Alongside the already confirmed crossovers including Hotline Miami and Half-Life, fans and corporations have taken it into their own hands to create possible future skins for its wacky Beans. After scouring Twitter and other parts of the internet, here are 25 of the best fan-made Fall Guys skins that we’ve seen.

Video Games:

1. Banjo (Banjo-Kazooie)

This awesome Banjo skin was designed by Twitter user toastydraws and it perfectly captures the Banjo style within Fall Guys‘ aesthetic. Sadly, this crossover is (most likely) never going to happen, at least while the game is exclusive to PS4/PC.

2. Crash Bandicoot

Slightly more achievable than Banjo, this Crash outfit was designed by LuchosFactory and would be a day one purchase for our Managing Editor Logan Moore.

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3. Ubisoft Gang

This awesome foursome of Ubisoft characters was designed by ArtDeckNL and contains recognisable characters from Ubisoft’s past. There’s Pey’J and Jade from Beyond Good and Evil, Globox from the Rayman series and Ezio from Assassin’s Creed, and they all would make great skins for the game.

4. Sans (Undertale)

This incredibly polished Sans, from Toby Fox’s Undertale, is almost too realistic that it’s scary. Either way, it’s a fantastic piece of artwork by Twitter user KalaSketch and is certainly one that fans would like to see in the game.

5. Jin Sakai (Ghost of Tsushima)

Ghost of Tsushima has only been out for a few weeks now, but MarwaYsn has already mocked up a great potential collaboration between Sucker Punch and Fall Guys.

6. Hollow Knight


Fall Guys X Hollow Knight! from r/FallGuysGame

Jumping across to Reddit for this one – u/tsdan has designed a cracking Hollow Knight skin. Like Sans, this skin would be incredibly popular amongst the indie crowd.

7. Doom Slayer (DOOM)

Back to Twitter, and we have the DOOM Marine by celatres2 ready to slay his opponents.

8. Spyro the Dragon

Since we have Crash Bandicoot on here, we need Spyro the Dragon to go along with him. Thankfully, Arsbinbcc answered the call and gave us the Fall Guys crossover of our favourite purple dragon that we’ve been waiting for.

9. Ape Escape Trio

A slightly deeper cut than some of the others; WhaddupNico throws it back to the PS1 with this trio of Ape Escape characters.

10. Sam Porter Bridges (Death Stranding)

HoggysArt nails the gruff Sam Porter Bridges cosmetic, even if the Bridge Baby Jellybean is slightly terrifying.

11. Palico and Kulu-Ya-Ku (Monster Hunter)

Monster Hunter has a breadth of characters and monsters to choose from – Hakuramen decided to go for a Palico and a Kulu-Ya-Ku. Not the two I’d have chosen, but they’re executed incredibly well, regardless.

12. Detroit: Become Human (Plus Dog)

Detroit: Become Human recently hit a massive sales milestone and stupidinspades decided to celebrate by knocking it out of the park with skins based on three characters from the game; Connor, Hank, and his adorable dog, Sumo.

13. Loot Llama and Cuddle Team Leader (Fortnite)

Fortnite and Fall Guys are two juggernauts in the battle royale scene, so it remains to be seen whether they’d play nicely enough for a crossover event. In the meantime here’s a Loot Llama and Cuddle Team Leader skin by adrotito to keep you ticking by.

14. Mortal Kombat

myown_fantasy gets kreative with a range of Mortal Kombat skins. Fall Guys Fatalities, anyone?

15. Metal Gear Trio

The first brand to make this list – Konami UK open themselves up to a Metal Gear collaboration!

TV, Film and Other Media:

16. Majin Buu (Dragon Ball Z)

The brilliant BossLogic steps up to the plate and delivers this fantastic Dragon Ball Z x Fall Guys Buu.

17. Dio Brando (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Continuing with the anime theme – RandomPolishGuy nails Dio from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

18. Pickle Rick (Rick and Morty)

I’m a Pickle(ed Bean), Morty! DatDusty comes in with the Rick and Morty crossover we’d all love to see.

19. Avatar: The Last Airbender

Kinda scuffed cause I only have a mouse to draw on my PC but hope you like it from r/FallGuysGame

Reddit user u/4Zayo coming in hot with these great Avatar: The Last Airbender skins.

20. Star Wars

Star Wars x Fall Guys collaboration idea from r/FallGuysGame

From a galaxy far, far away u/bigcheese115 puts together 10 fantastic Star Wars skins including favourites like Yoda, Darth Vader and Princess Leia


21. The Colonel (KFC)

Konami wasn’t the only big name brand to get in on the action. KFC Gaming got some major traction on Twitter with their attempt at a Colonel Fall Guys skin.

22. Chuck E. Cheese

Wanting a slice of the action, Chuck E. Cheese got involved too. While slightly less artistic than KFC’s attempt, you have to commend them for trying.

23. Magic Wiggly Twisty Fuzzy Worm Toy

Remember those weird worms that were attached to string that you’d run through your fingers when you were a child? No? Well, TommiCerberus does and he’s incorporated them into the most bizarre entry on this list.

24. Tiki Party

I designed a couple of Hawaiian themed costumes, great for the hot summer. from r/FallGuysGame

Back to some semblance of reality – Reddit user u/JoTheWeirdo has created this lovely wholesome set of Hawaiian beans.

25. Variety Show

Ending on a high note – Twitter user motionlessani has designed a huge array of skins. There’re his own unique designs that include a hazmat suit and a chocolate bar, then some more recognisable crossovers. These include Joker and Morgana from Persona 5 and WALL-E.

Honourable Mention:

26. DualShockers

I would be remiss if I didn’t include our very own Ben Bayliss’ entry onto this list. The shiny little jellybean sports the DualShockers logo proudly on his tummy.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available now, exclusively on PC and PS4; however the developers have confirmed that they would love to bring the game to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. If you’ve not played the game yet, you can also read our review, where we scored it a whopping 9.5 out of 10.

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