Fall Guys’ Latest Cosmetic Comes From Untitled Goose Game

Fall Guys’ Latest Cosmetic Comes From Untitled Goose Game


The Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout cosmetics crossover train keeps on rolling. Recent highlights include skins based on Sonic the Hedgehog, Godzilla and Gris and now, there’s a new goose in town.

Teased throughout the week, then confirmed via a Twitch live stream, is a new skin based on the titular protagonist from the viral hit Untitled Goose Game. The costume is exactly as you’d expect. A giant white goose with an orange beak and orange feet and it represents its source material very well, minus the honking.

The team showed off the skin wearing their own horrifying home-made goose costumes and confirmed that it would be available via the Fall Guys shop in just a couple of days. From November 13 players will be able to dress their beans up as their favourite goose, for the likely fee of 10 crowns.

Yesterday, Fall Guys received its Season Two mid-season update. The update came loaded with new content, changes and bug fixes. Of the new content, the most exciting for players is a brand new level. The level, titled Big Fans, falls into the ever-popular race category and sees players scramble across a range of giant fans to reach the finish line and qualify.

In the update, developers Mediatonic also made some changes to the existing levels, including adding new hazards and the creation of some new playlists. It also quashed some rather large bugs including some on two of the finales. Players will thankfully no longer randomly drop through the floor on Hex-A-Gone.

The medieval second season has been live since the start of October, so these new changes and fixes are more than welcome, helping keep the game fresh as we slowly approach Season Three.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available now on both PC (Via Steam) and PS4.