Fall Guys Pits Brands in Bidding War to Win In-Game Skin by Donating to SpecialEffect Charity

Fall Guys is using its new-found reach to do good.

By this point, you know what Fall Guys is. If you don’t, it’s Mediatonic’s hugely popular Battle Royale that has a bunch of bean-shaped beings running across various obstacle courses and games to be the last one standing. The popularity has seen players calling for more skins in the form of collaborations with other video game titles. However, brands have also been eager to get in on the action with the likes of Walmart, and even DualShockers jokingly throwing a skin concept forward. Mediatonic has come up with an idea because of the brands.

In a tweet, a new competition has started which the official account has deemed, “Battle of the Brands”. With all these brands wanting a slice of the in-game cosmetic pie, they now have a chance to win the opportunity, all they have to do is clarify the highest amount they’re prepared to donate to SpecialEffect. After 2 weeks, the highest bidder will win, then donate the said amount to SpecialEffect, and then all the legalities take place.

It’s also stated that if a brand is deemed offensive or unsuitable they the second highest bidder will be chosen instead. There have already been unsuitable skins, with one bid and skin rejected. Nutaku Games, an adult gaming platform put up a bid for $110,000 but the skin was lewd, and it looks as if the brand was just having fun.  Additionally, one Twitter user made up a skin concept with a bid of $250,000, but it was quickly revealed to have been a joke.

On a serious note though, a Bidet Company was winning with a butthole shirt with a bid of $40,000,01. before being outbid by Bisect Hosting with a bid of $50,000. At current, it looks as if Mr. Beast is still winning with the highest bid of $100,000.

I think Fall Guys using its sudden power and popularity to encourage donations to a charity for disabled gamers is a fantastic idea. We’re still got 2 weeks to see who ends up coming out on top with the highest bid, and then we’ll see a brand-new skin being added to the game. Whether players will have to purchase it with in-game Crowns or Kudos, or getting it free is another thing we’ll most likely learn about after the competition is over.

Fall Guys is currently available on PS4 and PC. The developer is hoping to bring the game to other platforms.

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