Fall Guys Was Pitched With a Takeshi's Castle GIF and Nearly Called Fool's Gauntlet

The character's movement is very dependant on the floppiness.

August 3, 2020

Tomorrow will see Mediatonic and Devolver Digital’s wacky new title, Fall Guys hit PC and PS4, and in preparation for the launch, a behind the scenes video has been released which has some interviews with members of the team.

Hosted by JT, Devolver Digital’s “Special Ops” he visits Mediatonic’s studio in London and speaks with various members of the development team. According to the studio’s creative director, Jeff Tanton, the game was originally set out to be called Fool’s Gauntlet when Joe Walsh, the Lead Game Designer explained the concept. When the game was pitched to publisher Devolver Digital, there was apparently a slide with a GIF of Takeshi’s Castle followed by a slide of Fall Guys characters. The pitch was immediately positive.

Walsh explains how Takeshi’s Castle was one inspiration for the game, a Japanese game show that found contestants overcoming challenging and absurd obstacles. Megan Ralph, senior level designer at Mediatonic also talks about how British kid’s games inspired Fall Guys such as Tag, and Bullrush — also known as British Bulldog.

Anthony Pepper, senior designer talks on how the Fall Mountain is the most iconic level for him, in which players race up a mountain to grab a singular crown. This level was also one of the earliest levels the team created and has mechanics that have “stood the test of time” and has the slapstick feel that resonates through the game. JT also talks to the principal concept artists who show off the character designs, showing how the team opted to stay with the original prototype design rather than…the other strange character choices shown.

Lead client developer, Joel Herber touches on the character movement and the importance of the floppiness. It’s explained that the characters are a partially networked ragdoll. The character is simulated in two parts across the network and across the server. It’s complicated to figure out, so I’ll just let you watch the video.

Fall Guys is slated to launch tomorrow after having two weekends of beta tests. Future content was teased in a recent Reddit AMA. It’s due to launch on August 4 for PC and PS4. Those who pre-order the game quick enough on Steam will nab a Gordon Freeman crossover costume, and those on PS4 will be able to play the game on PS+.

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