Fall Guys Live-Action Christmas Commercial is Really Quite Adorable

Fall Guys Live-Action Christmas Commercial is Really Quite Adorable

[Insert weird Fall Guy shouting sounds here]

It’s that time of year where companies push out Christmas-themed commercials to tug on your heartstrings, should you have any. And Devolver Digital has done the same thing with a live-action Fall Guys commercial. And yes, it features a large Fall Guy.

The start of this odd and sweet commercial finds a pink Fall Guy waking up on Christmas day and heading to the living room where it finds a family, presumably it’s own…maybe, still decorating the tree for some reason. Noticing a crown on the tree it runs at it and yeets into it. Notice how the woman shields the child’s eyes? Clearly that Fall Guy is naked. These antics continue throughout the day as shown in the below video until presents are exchanged and everyone dresses up as the Christmas man from that snowy place.

The feel-good video ends with them all watching it play Fall Guys with an in-game Santa costume. Mediatonic’s hit wacky gameshow game is now in Season 3 after having a hugely successful year after launching during a global pandemic. The developer has confirmed that the game has sold over 11 million units on PC as well as working with many game studios to bring limited-time skins such as the GRIS skin, a Sonic skin, and even a Ninja skin.

You can pick up Fall Guys on PS4 and PC, and we even have a review available right here.