Fall Guys Rewards Players Patience Over Servers With Outfit and Kudos

Fall Guys Rewards Players Patience Over Servers With Outfit and Kudos

The in-game rewards are available for those who have logged in before August 14.

Since Fall Guys launched last week, the game from Mediatonic and Devolver Digital has become a huge success. So much of a success that the servers have been taking a severe beating, with PS4 and PC users both experiencing disconnections as the servers struggled to handle over 2 million players (That figure is just Steam alone).

The server issues prompted the developer to promise that players could expect to see an in-game reward as a way of apologizing for the maintenance and the experience many users have been experiencing. Today, those in-game rewards have officially been added to the game.

Upon logging in, players can expect to find their profiles being rewarded 5,000 Kudos, the in-game currency that unlocks more cosmetics and emotes. Additionally, a complete Legendary Prickles costume will be added to the account and basically turns you into a waddling cactus.

The official tweet, as above, details the information, however, a message posted to the Discord server mentions that “Any player that has ever opened the game before midnight tonight, will be gifted this compensation automatically!” It’s also noted that the costume design is one that was designed by someone that took part in the “Make a Fall Guy” competition.

Fall Guys is currently available on PC and PS4 and is to be available for free through August for those subscribed to PS+. Mediatonic has expressed interest in bringing the title to other platforms, but for the time being, it looks as if the focus is on bringing new content to the existing game.