Fall Guys is Going To Hell With New Doom Costumes

Fall Guys is Going To Hell With New Doom Costumes

Trip and fall, until it is done.

Fall Guys, the family-friendly battle royale that has bouncy jelly bean boys fighting against each other, is collaborating with another unique franchise. However, instead of being a similarly PG-rated crossover, this one is for more mature audiences. The latest characters that you can dress your Fall Guys characters up as are from Doom, and include a couple of the game’s demons as well as the iconic Doom Slayer.

This is a pretty big collaboration, one that developer Mediatonic hasn’t exactly been able to keep quiet about. Through the Fall Guys Twitter account, the company has teased this collaboration since December. Fall Guys has previously featured other prominent video game characters, including the Scout from Team Fortress 2 and Sonic the Hedgehog.

These Doom-inspired Fall Guys costumes will be available starting January 12 according to a trailer posted on Devolver Digital’s YouTube channel. The trailer gives us a good look at what the jelly bean boys will look like in their new hellish attire. Only three costumes were revealed, including the iconic Doom Guy, a Cacodemon, and another that looks like a cross between the game’s Mancubus and Imp demons.

While a date has been revealed for the arrival of these costumes, there are still some questions surrounding them. Notably, it’s not clear how many crowns it will take for players to unlock any of these new get-ups. Previous crossover costumes have run players a high number of crowns. Specifically, back when players could pick up Sonic costumes, the entire set cost a whopping 10 crowns, more than many players had at the time.

The trailer for these new costumes also takes place in an interesting venue. Instead of showing the beans running around any of the game’s usual stages, it takes place in a Fall Guys Hellscape. The entire area is lit a dim red with traps abound. There’s no confirmation yet, but this could be another new stage heading to the game.