Doom Guy Looks Like He's Coming to Fall Guys

Fall Guys looks as though it's about to receive the longtime protagonist from DOOM as a new playable character skin.

December 2, 2020

That video game about guys looks like it’s about to add one of the most iconic guys in video game history to its roster.

The Fall Guys Twitter account today teased a new skin that will seemingly be coming to the game in the near future. While the identity of this character wasn’t teased in the tweet itself, an accompanying image showed off the silhouette of the skin and it very much looks to resemble the iconic Doom Guy from the DOOM franchise. The telltale sign, perhaps more than anything, comes with the device that is mounted on the character’s shoulder. It very much seems to resemble the same one that the Doom Guy had at his disposal in this year’s DOOM Eternal.


You can find the tweet and image right here:

Fall Guys adding a new skin based on an existing game franchise wouldn’t be a shock if this proves to be true. Other characters such as Sonic the Hedgehog have been added to the title in the past, meaning that Doom Guy’s arrival would be well in-line with what we’ve seen previously.

Regardless, if Doom Guy is making his way over to Fall Guys, we should hear a whole lot more very soon. For now, the game is available to play on both PS4 and PC, with its total downloads being said to have now surpassed 11 million.

Logan Moore

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