Fall Guys Offering Limited Time Gris Skin for 10 Crowns

Fall Guys Offering Limited Time Gris Skin for 10 Crowns

Fall Guys and Gris have joined forces to bring a new skin to the Battle Royale game.

The widespread Fall Guys hype may have simmered down a touch, but the game continues to be a popular success with content still coming from developer Mediatonic. The latest content comes in the form of a skin based on Gris, the 2D platforming game from Nomada Studio.

The Gris skin is based on the titular protagonist from the game and features, pretty much, hair. The outfit itself comes in two parts and is a shade of purple and features lighter purple swirls to decorate it. The top part of the outfit features Gris’ hair, blending from blue to purple.

The skin can be purchased through the Fall Guys in-game store through the use of Crowns — the currency you get for successfully winning all rounds in a game. Both the top half and the bottom half will cost you 5 crowns each bringing the total for the full skin to 10 Crowns.

Fall Guys has done well for itself, finding itself being the biggest PC launch since Overwatch, and bringing in over $185 million. Mediatonic also used the game’s popularity to help raise $1,000,000 for a UK-based charity, SpecialEffect.

The game is still currently in its first season, however, season 2 is due to be arriving next month which is to introduce a range of new content, including more skins and levels. It’s currently available on PC and PS4.