Fall Guys: How to Get the Among Us Skin & Play as the Imposter in Season 4

Looks a little sus.

By Sam Woods

March 22, 2021

Today, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout bursts into its futuristic fourth season.

Leaving behind the snowy Season three, Mediatonic has sent the hilarious battle royale all the way into the year 4041.

Now, the game is no stranger to crossover skins, with Godzilla, Sonic, Peabody and more all making appearances, but one confirmed for this season has people talking.

Here is how players can get the Among Us skin in Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Season Four and then play as the Imposter.

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How to unlock the Season Four Among Us Skin

Thankfully, players can earn the Fall Guys Among Us skin just by playing through the game. The skin is available as part of the fourth season’s “Fame Path”. Players can progress through the Fame Path by completing games and earning Fame Points. The higher players place in the ranking, the more Fame Points they earn.

Players can get the Among Us skin in two different levels of the Fame Path. The “Butt” is available when players reach level 21, and the top half, including a nice fried egg, is unlocked at level 26.

Can you play as the Imposter with the Fall Guys Among Us skin? If so, how?

It looks like players have been able to play as the famed Imposter as part of Fall Guys Season 4. So far, the Impostor outfit isn’t actually unlockable, instead, it looks like players have a random chance of being the character, so long as they wear the Among Us skin. This is very much like Among Us, with players randomly selected to be the Imposter in that game.

The Impostor outfit has a smashed visor and a pair of monstrous teeth, as a throwback to the Among Us character. Other than that, the character plays exactly the same.

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