Fall Guys Leak Teases A Collaboration with Portal and My Friend Pedro

Portal's Chell and Pedro from My Friend Pedro may be the latest partnered outfits making their way to Fall Guys.

One of the biggest charms of Fall Guys is the variety of different outfits that players can purchase whether it be through its in-game “kudos” currency or crowns which you earn one with every win you get. In the past weeks, we have already seen numerous different games collaborate with the battle royale success including Team Fortress 2, Hotline Miamiand Enter the Gungeon, but now it seems that we have more on the way.

According to Twitter user HYPEX, it seems that Chell from the Portal franchise and Pedro the banana from My Friend Pedro will be two new outfits making its way to the game. The Chell outfit is said to be on the Fall Guys shop starting on September 3rd exclusively on PC. However, with Mediatonic stating that today’s update included Valve’s outfits making their way to PS4 it is unknown whether or not Chell will truly be a PC exclusive if the leak turns out to be true. September 6 is the rumored date for Pedro which would be available on both platforms. If the shop runs like normal, both outfits will be available for two days with no confirmation that either outfit will appear in the shop again.

HYPEX previously leaked the Bulletkin outfit from Enter the Gungeon which turned out to be true, so this new leak does carry some weight. The user also leaked the T-Rex outfit that is in the shop right now for the correct time as well. Other users on Twitter have also shown the possibility of an Alyx outfit from Half-Life: Alyx and P-Body from Portal 2. There is so much potential on the different partnerships that Fall Guys could have as we’ve already seen teases of potential skins for The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 from CDProjektRed. All we can do now is wait and see.

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