Fall Guys Next Level is a Medieval Gauntlet of Destruction

Fall Guys Next Level is a Medieval Gauntlet of Destruction

Fall Guys Season 2 is nearly upon us and Mediatonic has revealed a truly devious new level that is sure to rip away your dreams at least once.

Fall Guys Season 2 launches later this week on October 8. The second season brings some medieval flair to the cutesy battlefield. Today, the team at Mediatonic has teamed up with the folks at IGN to release the newest level players will fumble through later this week. It looks terrifying. I could describe it for you, but it’d probably be more effective if you just gave the video below a watch.

I hope you brought your platforming sabatons. This latest Fall Guys creation is absolutely dastardly. There are spinning axes, rotating spiked logs, and draw bridges that will quickly close the door on your dreams. This might just be Mediatonic’s most insidious creation yet. I can only imagine the ways Fall Guysbullies are going to screw me over.

Of course, this level isn’t the only thing coming with Fall Guys Season 2. Recently, the team announced we’re getting banners and nicknames to add even more customization to the game. There are also sure to be tons of new costumes in the new battle pass and Mediatonic is making it a bit easier to get crowns. That means you’ll finally be able to afford more of those sexy featured costumes. On top of that, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a few more levels added to the game with the update. We’ll know for sure soon.

Fall Guys is available now on PC and PS4. Season 2 drops on October 8. So, if you were hoping to finish the first battle pass, you better get after it before it disappears forever.