Here Are the Top 10 Funniest Fall Guys Moments This Week

Fall Guys is a smashing success, with funny videos and breathtaking moments taking over the internet. Here are our Top 10 from the PC and PS4 game.

This week has been dominated by Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout — the latest Devolver Digital hit that has launched to the top of Steam charts and gaming conversations. Even better, the game is loaded with janky controls, wonky physics, and just enough bugs to keep everything hysterical. Propelled to the front line with being one of the PlayStation Plus free games this month, there have been tons of great moments for fans of the game.

And we are here to highlight some of those funny videos — here are our picks for the Top 10 best moments in Fall Guys this week:

1. Top 10 Devastating Anime Deaths

thank you for trying Mr. Slurpee from r/FallGuysGame

Shared by Redditor Edgargle, we see the absolute nightmare that is the See Saw level. When the Fall Guy nearly makes the jump to the final platform they miss, and a benevolent Slurpee comes to the rescue.  Unfortunately, there is no saving him from the sweet embrace of death.

2. Never Celebrate Early in Fall Guys

Pro tip: Never Woo Woo in the fruit level from r/FallGuysGame

Redditor BarneBundle learned the hard way that you should never gloat on Fruit Chute; being trucked with a cinnamon stick is the ultimate payment.

3. Become the Jump Club

Lifehack: instead of jumping over the green club, just adhere to it and become part of the problem. That’s exactly what YouTuber MagKrava did to (surprising success).

4. Hex-a-Goner

this game doesn’t like me from r/FallGuysGame

Sometime luck just isn’t in your favor. Especially if you happen to be streamer Krayola, who really got the short end of the stick when it comes to landing through holes.

5. Fall Guys Karma is Very Real

Karma’s a b*tch from r/FallGuysGame

This video is a quick lesson on why you don’t try to jerk people around! Fruit Chute is perilous enough without bad actor’s coming in to add more mayhem — and you may quickly become part of the problem.

 6. Ragdoll Qualification

I believe this might be the worst qualification from r/FallGuysGame

Nothing is worse than getting endlessly knocked around, and this is without a doubt one of the most painstaking and brutal qualifications we’ve seen this week. Kudos to Redditor callmeill, we hate this.

7. Baka Mitai [Fall Guys Cover]

This one is absolutely heartbreaking, just like the Yakuza anthem of 2020.

8. Where Did I Go Wrong?

‘I think I’m in a good position to win this’ from r/FallGuysGame

Another instance of some Hex-a-Gone mayhem — Redditor Chxnk182 can give a Masters-level dissertation in disappointment as they plunge to their disqualification.

9. Perfect Match to Fall Guys Tragedy

Some matches are easy come and easy go — YouTuber Detrio lost his friend in a moment’s notice for seemingly no reason. RIP to a fallen hero.

10. Goodbye, Roosterman

I’m sorry from r/FallGuysGame

Some people just want to watch the world burn, and that includes Redditor absoluteacehole. Narrowly making it to qualification himself, he makes sure to brutally throw off another competitor to a Rick and Morty classic.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is available now, exclusively on PC and PS4; there are no current plans to bring the game to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. Check out our review of the game, where we awarded it a 9.5 out of 10 noting Fall Guys “is the most fun [we’ve] had playing video games in 2020″

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