Fall Guys’ Medieval Season 2 Launches On October 8

Fall Guys’ Medieval Season 2 Launches On October 8

Let's get Medieval.

Fall Guys Season 2 was one of the most anticipated segments of last month’s Gamescom Opening Night Live. After an incredibly successful first month, which saw it become the most downloaded free PS Plus title ever and top seven million sales on Steam, players were eager to see what the second season would entail.

After getting a glimpse into the future, or the past, the season was revealed to be medieval themed. We got to see plenty of new stages and games, different fantasy costumes including dragons and knights and new horrifying obstacles to avoid, but at the time, no release date. Fortunately, that information has now been revealed in a “BEAN SPILLING POST” by the official Fall Guys Twitter account.


That date was confirmed as October 8, in less than a weeks time, and Season 2 will begin as Season 1 ends. During this period, players will earn double fame points, which is Fall Guys’ name for experience points.

It’s looking like every new Fall Guys season from here on out is going to be themed, much like the new medieval theme of Season 2. When questioned on Twitter whether we’d ever see a “normal” season again, the game’s Twitter account replied saying they’re “Not sure – We’ll add levels in future that aren’t themed though.”

Alongside the new theme, it’s been confirmed that earning crowns within Season 2 will be easier. Players, including myself, have complained that earning crowns, and therefore some of the time-limited costumes, is too difficult, causing people to miss out. This has prompted the Fall Guys team to say there will be over 600% more crowns within season rewards. Alongside this, Mediatonic has come up with a “new way to reward our most competitive players that will hit the game beyond Season 2”.

Fall Guys is available now on both PS4 and PC.