Fall Guys Surpasses 2 Million Sales on Steam Alone

Lots of Falling Folks.

Last week, the internet was ablaze with Fall Guys, Mediatonic’s latest release that finds a bunch of cute characters wandering around obstacle courses in a similar vein to Takeshi’s Castle. Both Mediatonic and Devolver Digital have shared the statistics for the game since it launched last week on August 4.

Fall Guys has seen over 2,000,000 copies sold on Steam alone. The PS4 figures have not yet been revealed. There has also been a lot of streamers on Twitch jumping onto the game to share their wacky antics as they scramble to be the last one standing. The statistics reveal that over 23,000,000 hours have been watched on the Amazon-owned streaming platform.

Throughout the game, when players reach the final round, if they win they’ll nab a crown. There’s also a level in which players have to jump and grab the crown at the top of Fall Mountain. It has been revealed that 1,500,000 crowns have been grabbed. And, of course, the game features a lot of falling. So it’s understandable why 60,000,000 players have fallen to the slimly pink slime below the courses.

Mediatonic’s co-founder & chief games officer, Paul Croft. said in a press release, “It has been overwhelming and humbling to watch the launch and reception of Fall Guys. We’re incredibly grateful to all of our players for their support and have big plans for the game in the future.” The statistics detailed above, specifically, the Steam sales makes this both Mediatonic and Devolver Digital’s most successful launch to date.

We’ve already seen a Half-Life and a Hotline Miami crossover, and it’s looking likely that we’ll also see a crossover with The Witcher or Cyberpunk 2077. Fall Guys is currently available on PC and PS4, and also available for PS+ members through August. You can read our review and see what we thought about the wacky game that bleeds endorphins.

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