Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Might Be The Most Fun Game at E3

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout might not be the Battle Royale game that we wanted, but it is the one we deserve.

June 13, 2019

During Devolvers Digital wacky E3 press conference, we got a glimpse at some of the games they are bringing to the table in the near future. Some caught my eye while others weren’t for me. But, there was one game, one special game that I thought looked fun and charming as hell. After about a 10 to 15 minute hands-on demo with the game, I can safely say that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the addition to the battle royale genre that I didn’t think we needed.

Rather than a typical Battle Royal such as PUBG or Fortnite, this rendition sets 70 players (this is likely to change at launch) up in three different gameplay rounds. The first being door dash. If you have seen the show Wipeout, this will sound very familiar. All players are set on a long narrow road and along that road are giant barriers with big square gaps filled with blocks that players must burst through. However, not all gaps are the same. Some will have solid surfaces behind them while others will having nothing behind them. The further players run down the road, the number of gaps begin to dwindle down, funneling everyone to shove themselves through the final gap. Roughly around the first two third players who finish will move onto the next round.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is the addition to the battle royale genre that I didn’t think we needed.

While this all might seem wacky and simplistic, (it most definitely is wacky) it is not as simple as it sounds. The amount of strategy that goes into door dash is more than just guess what window to run through. I found myself trailing other players rather than trying to maintain the lead so that others can make mistakes for me. Once they would make a wrong move, I’d swiftly make an adjustment to another window. Sort of how it sometimes is the best move to not be first the entire race in Mario Kart. Door dash is a great start to an introduction to the rounds of Fall Guys.

The next round puts the remaining players inside an enclosed area with platforms that can be jumped across and swinging hammers that can knock you on your butt. In this round, some players have a tail attached to their back while others don’t. The ones who don’t have to snatch the tail off of others. Those with a tail at the end of the two minute round move onto the final round. Once again, this round is simple but insanely fun and can actually involve much more strategy then you would think.

The final round is the bread and butter of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout edition. This round is a long uphill road filled with a bunch of wacky obstacles like turnstiles the can slap players around, big boulders that will tumble down the hill, and other crazy obstacle course shenanigans. Again, the objective is simple, but a little more drastic. The first player to get to the crown at the end of the obstacle course is the winner of the whole match.

What was so fun about the final obstacle course was that no matter how far behind you are, there is always hope to make up some ground. In my second match of the game, I fell back pretty far behind and got taken out by a couple falling boulders. However, I was lucky enough to pull off a perfect run the rest of the course while the other players in front of me didn’t get so lucky and got knocked down a couple of times. I made up some ground but was still a little behind a few other players. I thought I was out but remembered the crown at the end of the course moves up and down and players must jump and grab onto it to actually finish and win. This means just because you are in first, you might still miss the jump. Everyone in front of me missed and I swooped in to steal the win.

…I would be lying to myself if I said I didn’t have a big smile on my face the entire time I was at the games booth.

Fall Guys doesn’t look very complex, and it really isn’t. The overall idea comes across as very simple. However, simplicity is key at times and I would be lying to myself if I said I didn’t have a big smile on my face the entire time I was at the games booth. This game was probably the most fun I had at the show, yet, Luigi’s Mansion 3 was a very close second. I think everyone else who got their hands on the game has the same opinion as well. When I first walked into the revolvers booth area to play, I walked into a bunch of grown adults laughing and hollering with joy. This game might not be the Battle Royle game you wanted, but it is the one we deserve.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is set to release sometime next year on PS4 and PC at launch.

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