Fall of Light Sheds Some Sun on its Dungeon Crawling Action with New Gameplay Trailer

Fall of Light Sheds Some Sun on its Dungeon Crawling Action with New Gameplay Trailer

Italian developer RuneHeads allowed the gameplay of Fall of Light to shine through with their video that showcased beautiful environments and fluid action.

Sometimes you just need a little radiance in your day to make it better: That’s what Italian developer RuneHeads did today with their press release. They outlined narrative focused action of their game, Fall of Light. The top-down dungeon crawler is coming out for the PC and Mac on September 28th. While the the title does have a Steam page, unfortunately no price has been listed yet.

This tale about resisting the dark takes place in Europe in the 14th century. Shadows fall across the land but yet the retired warrior Nyx has one adventure left in him. His daughter, Aether, is known as the ‘Indigo Child’ and she has the power to emanate pure light. Fall of Light is inspired by titles like ICO and the fact that the father leading and protecting his child dynamic shows that influence very clearly.

Nyx will have many dark places to explore and fight through while trying to bring Aether to the last source of natural light in the world. The Shadows literally come alive and many will fall at the gleam and steel of your blade. Traps and puzzles will also hinder the ex-warrior’s journey so keep your daughter behind you lest she fall into unseen perils.

Other features include:

  • 6 different battle stances, including two-handed and dual-wielding
  • 7 weapon classes covering both short-range and long-range weaponry
  • Guide and protect your companion – Aether, the Indigo child
  • Fight Shadows, soldiers of darkness and underworld bosses
  • Explore the overworld, scour dungeons and temples to gain and use special powers
  • Uncover many secrets and solve various environmental puzzles

The gameplay trailer for Fall of Light shows off the smoothness and beauty of the title’s dark environments and recesses. The press release also claims that players will be encouraged to draw their own conclusions from their exploration and interactions. As they state, ‘Meet odd characters, search through every nook and cranny to unlock hidden secrets and learn more about the history and lore of the somber world around you.’

You can watch the game in action below and see if chasing the last light is on your list for this fall.