Fallout 4: Pip-Boy Edition Has Officially Hit Manufacturing Limit; Bethesda “Made a S**tload of Pip-Boys”

on July 28, 2015 11:57 AM

While it was initially revealed just over a week prior to E3 2015, publisher Bethesda Softworks had more than enough to share on the upcoming Fallout 4 including the surprise reveal of the Fallout 4: Pip-Boy Edition that includes an actual, wearable Pip-Boy replica: however, if you missed out on the few opportunities to grab one, you may be out of luck entirely.

Speaking in an interview with GameSpot, Bethesda Softworks’ Marketing VP Pete Hines detailed at QuakeCon that while demand for the Pip-Boy Edition of Fallout 4 has been sky-high since its reveal at E3 this year, capacity for the special limited edition seems to have hit its absolute capacity and that, realistically, the studio will be unable to manufacture more before launch.

Hines explained in the interview that the studio “reached a point where we’d go back to the factories and they were like ‘guys, this is it, sorry,'” indicating that the studio has reached its manufacturing limit on the Pip-Boy Edition, which sold out almost immediately after its reveal at E3 2015 during the Bethesda press conference.

In addition, Hines also detailed that demand in general for the Pip-Boy Edition has been overwhelming for Fallout 4, so much so that it has already eclipsed any previous limited edition that the company has ever produced. While Hines didn’t drop an exact number, his statement of “a s**tload” should be a pretty decent indicator of many were produced and sold, as he explained:

“We made a s**tload of Pip-Boys, and we went back and made more, and went back and made more. I keep seeing stuff about, ‘Oh, you only did a few thousand.” No–we did a ton of these things. I think we did more of these things than we did for any collector’s edition we’ve ever done, ever.”

Fallout 4 releases for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 10th, 2015.

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