Bethesda Announces Full Schedule for Fallout 76 Beta Across All Platforms

Bethesda Announces Full Schedule for Fallout 76 Beta Across All Platforms

The Fallout 76 beta is gearing up to kick off again this weekend for those playing on Xbox One, but it’s not going to end there. Things will pick up again next week on October 30 and this time, players across all of the game’s platforms will be able to join in.

Ahead of next week, Bethesda has today announced the dates and times in which the Fallout 76 beta will be live next week. They note that any of these times could be subject to change depending on issues that may occur, but as of this moment, here’s when you’ll be able to play:

  • October 30 — 7 PM EST – 11 PM EST

  • November 1 — 2 PM EST – 7 PM EST

  • November 3 – 5 PM EST – 9 PM EST

  • November 4 – 2 PM EST – 9 PM EST

Again, these sessions will be available for all platforms, including Xbox One once again. It’s also worth noting that these sessions for next week include the longest ones that will have been available so far. Up until now and including the weekend, beta times have only lasted from two to four hours.

If you still want to get into the Fallout 76 beta for yourself, you can pre-order the game right now to hopefully ensure your place. If you’d rather just wait until launch to play Fallout 76, then you won’t have to wait much longer as it’s due to release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 14.

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