A Group of Dad’s in Fallout 76 Upgraded a Players C.A.M.P. and Added Lots of Candles and a Flamingo

A Group of Dad’s in Fallout 76 Upgraded a Players C.A.M.P. and Added Lots of Candles and a Flamingo

A wholesome story from Fallout 76 to start 2019.

Two Fallout 76 players ended up making friends with a bunch of Dad’s who then ended up taking matters into their own hands and improved the players’ home in the most wholesome way possible.

As 2018 drew to a close, Anna Spargo-Ryan took to Twitter to tell a wonderful story of an event that took place within Bethesda’s Fallout 76. Sharing her story on December 30, Anna explains that she and her boyfriend play Fallout 76 together as a team of two. Her boyfriend discovered that someone in the server had their C.A.M.P in the same spot he has his. When checking out the area they met a player who traded with them and invited them to watch a nuke launch with five other players.

it turns out that the six Fallout 76 players were Dad’s who had all jumped on for a spot of Fallout 76 after putting the kids to bed. From there they all watched the Nuke launch, then Anna invited them back to her C.A.M.P. This is where it starts getting wholesome. The six Dad’s worked together, using their higher-ranking privileges to improve Anna’s C.A.M.P. so that when she logged back in the morning after she’d find a total renovation.

Flamingos, lamps, statues, a new top-floor made from stronger material, and even a new suit of Power Armor. Strangers began to arrive to see what was going on and ended up with the Dad’s using Anna’s C.A.M.P to create new weapons, food, and more, giving them away to the lower level players. After that, they all sat around and had various conversations proving that video games can be a lovely place.

You’ll be able to find the Twitter thread below including pictures but be prepared to feel good by the end of it. It’s a lovely story to hear about despite all the recent negativity towards Fallout 76 and developer Bethesda. Mainly with the Fallout 76 Collectors Edition bags, the refund policy, and the in-game stores pricing.