Fallout 76 Gets a New Patch, Focusing on C.A.M.P and Stability

Fallout 76 Gets a New Patch, Focusing on C.A.M.P and Stability

One patch at a time as Bethesda tries to fix Fallout 76 and fan relations.

Bethesda has released the patch notes for the next patch for the newly infamous Fallout 76. Patch will come in at 3GB for PC and 5GB for consoles. The patch will be available for PC players later today after maintenance; Console players will have to wait until this Thursday, December 13.

The latest patch focuses on improving the C.A.M.P elements of the game, along with tweaking SPECIAL perks after level 50. There are also numerous improvements to the PC version of the game, including new settings and resolution support. This patch was announced in late November when Bethesda apologized for a lack of communication with its fans and Fallout 76‘s player base. This new update is more substantial than the previous December 4 patch.

When we reviewed Fallout 76 here at DualShockers, we found that “…as the game was beginning to teeter on fun or interesting, a bug or a frustrating gameplay design element would quickly remind [us] that the game was otherwise.” It does seem that so far though Bethesda is actively working toward improving the game for players, which was a question we had at the time of the review.

Outside of the game itself, Bethesda has been attempting to mend relationships in other ways. After fans that purchased the $200 Power Armor Edition found out that the collection’s bag was made with nylon instead of canvas, Bethesda was heavily criticized. Bethesda has since issued an apology and offered to replace the nylon bags with the promised canvas bags.

You can check out the patch notes in detail here.