Fallout 76: Fallout Worlds Update and Patch Notes Today (September 8)

Season 5 has been extended by two weeks!

By Kyle Knight

September 8, 2021

A brand new Fallout 76 update was deployed today (September 8), featuring the new ‘Fallout Worlds’ modes.

Today’s update came with some server maintenance, followed by a new patch for players to download. Although the servers were down for quite a few hours, it’s all worth the wait.

Check out the official patch notes and details for the September 8 Fallout 76 update right here in this article.

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Fallout 76 | Season 6: The Unstoppables vs. The Diabolicals

Fallout 76 | Season 6: The Unstoppables vs. The Diabolicals

Fallout 76 – Season 6: The Unstoppables vs. The Diabolicals

Season 6 of Fallout 76 has been delayed until September 21st, but there’s still plenty to look forward to.

Today’s update includes two brand new modes for players to jump into, Public Worlds and Custom Worlds.

Both of these new modes essentially allow the player to create their own personal Appalachia. A wide range of settings will be available for players to fiddle with to make the world their own, or jump into the Public Worlds mode for a different experience with every world. More details on Fallout Worlds can be found at the Bethesda website.

As for what’s in store in Season 6 of Fallout 76, there will be plenty of rewards and challenges for players to complete, plus two new allies.

Daphne and Maul are unlockable at Rank 25 and 50. Both of these characters will have the ability to sell you items, give you one buff per day, and just generally keep you company at C.A.M.P.

More details on Season 6 can be found at the Bethesda website, or check out the full patch notes below for details on today’s update.

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Fallout 76 – September 8 Update and Patch Notes

Below you will find the most important bits of the September 8 Fallout 76 update. For more details on bug fixes and changes from the patch notes, visit the Bethesda Website.


With this update for Fallout 76, we’re introducing Fallout Worlds, which offers players the ability to experience the game in unique new ways with two new game modes: Public Worlds and Custom Worlds.

  • The new Public Worlds mode will help you shake up your normal gameplay by offering special worlds that have a pre-selected group of Fallout Worlds settings enabled, fit to a theme.
    • All players can join Public Worlds to dive into an Appalachia that’s wildly different from Adventure Mode.
  • One Public World will be available to players at a time. Currently, we are planning to rotate Public Worlds once per month so that you can regularly try out a variety of different experiences. However, rotation frequency may change in the future based on community feedback and other factors.
  • Here are the first five Public Worlds that you will be able to check out in-game. As voted on by our Public Test Server participants, we’re starting with “Happy Builder,” and will rotate through the rest in the following order:
    • Happy Builder: Reduced C.A.M.P. placement restrictions, relaxed building restrictions, all Map locations discovered, and PvP has been disabled.
    • High Risk: No Fast Travel, always-on PVP, players drop additional loot on death, free workbench crafting, and legendary item attributes have been disabled.
    • Dweller Must Die: Greatly increased enemy difficulty, increased damage, increased equipment durability, and “Dark Bog” weather effects.
    • Quantum World: Max jump height, no fall damage, nuked creatures and flora, and “Quantum Storm” weather.
    • Butcher’s Delight: Infinite ammo, no VATS or melee attack AP costs, and enhanced dismemberment.
  • Players with active Fallout 1st memberships can now choose the Custom Worlds option from the Play menu to create a new type of world where they can adjust a wide variety of different settings to create an Appalachia that’s tailored to their liking.
    • To create a Custom World, click “Play” from the Main Menu, select Custom World, hit “Select World Template,” and then start tinkering with settings you’d like to try out.
    • Up to seven friends can join you in your Custom World, for a total of eight players per World.
    • Please Note: Private Worlds mode has been renamed to “Private Adventure” with today’s update to better differentiate it from Custom Worlds mode.
  • While creating your Custom World, you can choose among a broad array of customization settings and let your imagination run wild with the possibilities! Here are some of the options at your disposal:
    • Workshop: Build in previously restricted areas, disable the need for electricity, increase your C.A.M.P. budget and build height, relax building restrictions, and more.
    • Combat: Infinite enemy spawns, alter PvP rules, adjust enemy difficulty, give yourself infinite ammo, change item durability, and more.
    • General: Disable Fast Travel or make it free. Choose special weather effects, including Radstorms and Nuke Zones, as well as new weather effects, like Quantum Storm and Dark Bog. Add filters for a unique view of Appalachia, adjust jump height, fall damage, or even the consequences on death.
    • Please note: Some Custom World settings may impact your game client’s performance. However, you are still free to use them, and can always enable or disable them again as needed.
  • Currently, you can save a Custom World you’ve created in one of three available slots, and you can select one of them to set it as your active Custom World.
    • You can edit your Custom Worlds after you’ve finished creating them, so even if you’ve filled all three Custom World slots, you can still change them up as needed.
  • If you are a Fallout 1st member and you have played in a friend’s Custom World previously, you will be able to log into it — even if the World owner is offline.
    • To do this, select Custom Worlds from the Play menu, click “View Worlds,” select your friend’s World from the “Shared World” section and set it to “Active.” You can then play in that World by selecting Custom Worlds from the Play menu.
  • If you are not currently an active Fallout 1st member, don’t worry. You can still join your friends who are Fallout 1st members in the Custom Worlds that they’ve set up while they are online.
  • The progress each of your characters make in Public or Custom Worlds is specific to those worlds, and is completely separate from Adventure Mode.
    • You can clone your Adventure Mode character for use in a Public or Custom World at any time, and you can have up to 5 Fallout World characters at a time.
    • If you have reached your 5 character limit, characters can be manually unlinked from Public or Custom worlds at any time.
    • Your character progress in a Public World will remain available as long as that Public World is still available for play.
  • Additionally, please note that Challenges cannot be completed, and you will not earn S.C.O.R.E., achievements, or trophies while playing in a Public or Custom World.

If you would like to learn additional details about Fallout Worlds, you can head here to read our article on or read through our FAQ on the Fallout 1st website.


Our latest expansion for Daily Ops brings a new weekend event that amps up the challenge, but offers increased rewards. Read on for a brief overview of everything we’re adding to Daily Ops, including Double Mutation Weekend events!

  • During Double Mutation weekends, Daily Ops will be randomized each day with enemies who have one of eight unique combinations of two different Mutations.
    • Double Mutation Weekend events will typically run every other weekend, from Thursday to Monday, starting and ending at the normal Daily Ops reset time.
  • While a Double Mutation event is active, daring adventurers who are willing to delve into Daily Ops will earn the following increased rewards:
    • 2 – 6 Legendary Cores for the first and all subsequent Elder Tier completions
    • Double XP during every Daily Ops playthrough
    • Double the in-game currency rewards from every Daily Ops playthrough
  • Check out the full list of potential double Mutations that enemies can sport during the new weekend events, so that you know what you’ll be up against.
    • Blistering Cold: “Blistering” enemies have the Freezing Touch and Swift-Footed Mutations
    • Chilling Mend: “Chilling” enemies have the Freezing Touch and Group Regeneration Mutations
    • Clouded Toxins: “Clouded” enemies have the Active Camouflage and Toxic Blood Mutations
    • Relentless: “Relentless” enemies have the Resilient and Group Regeneration Mutations
    • Stinging Frost: “Stinging” enemies have the Freezing Touch and Toxic Blood Mutations
    • Swift Stalker: “Stalking” enemies have the Active Camouflage and Swift-Footed Mutations
    • Unstable: “Unstable” enemies have the Volatile and Swift-Footed Mutations
    • Vaporous: “Vaporous” enemies have the Volatile and Active Camouflage Mutations
  • We’ve added Communists to the pool of randomized enemy groups you may encounter in any Daily Ops mode.
  • Fight your way through Arktos Pharma Biome Lab, Watoga High School, and Uncanny Caverns, all of which have been added to the randomized pool of locations for Daily Ops.
  • In this update for Daily Ops, we’re adding Plans for two legendary weapons, new themed cosmetics, and more. Check out the full list below for new rewards you’ll be able to earn by completing Daily Ops:
    • Plan: Arctic Marine Armor
    • Plan: Mechanic’s Best Friend Pipe Wrench
    • Plan: Sole Survivor Lever Action Rifle
    • Outfit: Black Hazmat Suit
    • Plan: Mirelurk King Tube
    • Blood Eagle Skull Lord Outfit
    • Blood Eagle Skull Lord Helmet
    • Blood Eagle Auto-Grenade Launcher Paint
  • Enemies: We’ve addressed a number of issues that were affecting Mothman Hatchlings, and these cute-but-deadly creatures will once again appear when Cultists are the current Daily Ops enemy group.
  • Mutations: “Volatile” enemy explosion damage has been adjusted, and now does health percentage-based damage that can be partially mitigated by anti-explosion effects.
  • Reset Timer: We’ve added a timer so you can more easily check when the next Daily Ops reset will occur. You can find the timer in the “Intel” section of the detailed Daily Ops menu after selecting a Daily Op from the World Activity Tracker.
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