Fallout 76 is Free to Play This Weekend

Fallout 76 and its Wastelanders expansion are totally free to play this weekend on PS4, Xbox One and PC until this upcoming Monday, May 18.

If you’re a Fallout fan, the name Fallout 76 probably triggers a fight or flight response in you at this point. Well, like it or not, the game is here to stay. It’s one of developer and publisher Bethesda’s largest focuses at the moment, and with the release of Wastelanders, the game has gotten some positive attention. Even I’ve been more and more curious about the title, and I’m a ride-or-die Fallout: New Vegas fanboy. Luckily Bethesda has presented those curious about the game with an opportunity to hop in at no charge.

Starting today and ending this upcoming May 18 at noon EDT, interested parties can download and play Fallout 76 for free. That’s not just the base game, but also all of its post-launch content, including Wastelanders. This offer is being extended across all platforms, so you’ll be able to play on your choice of PC, Xbox One or PS4. The game’s current players are being awarded a double XP weekend for dealing with the incoming newbies.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about Fallout 76, let me just start by saying: aren’t you so lucky? The game has long held a bad reputation for multiple issues, ranging from game-breaking bugs to blatantly exploitative monetization. That being said, the game’s Wastelanders expansion seems to be a turnaround for one of Fallout‘s black sheep. Players have called the DLC a turning point that makes what was an empty wasteland feel more like… Well, it’s still a wasteland, but in the more traditional Fallout sense, so good. The biggest change since the game’s launch has been the addition of NPC’s, a staple not just in Fallout titles, but RPGs in general. With dialogue options more akin to Fallout 3 and New Vegas, players finally have a game to properly roleplay in. That’s a big change from when we originally reviewed Fallout 76  and summarily rewarded it with a score of two.

You can pick up Fallout 76 for free on Steam right here. For PS4 and Xbox One users, simply head over to your console’s respective marketplaces.

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