Fallout 76 "Wasn't Doable" on Switch; Bethesda Considers the System For Every New Game

Pete Hines, a Bethesda marketing executive, stated that Fallout 76 was considered to come to the Nintendo Switch, but it just wasn't feasible.

Bethesda has been one of the only major publishers that has brought some beefier titles to the Nintendo Switch. They have ported Doom, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, and, at the expense of getting the game on ever electronic device feasible, Skyrim. On top of that, Doom Eternal will be available on the Nintendo Switch at launch. It doesn’t seem like Bethesda will be changing their plans for the system anytime soon. In fact, they consider the platform for every game they have in development, if it is possible.

Recently at PAX Aus, Bethesda Marketing Executive Pete Hines stated:

“The Switch is something I can say with certainty that it’s a part of every conversation with every dev we have now about what we’re doing going forward because we consider it to be a viable platform. If the game will work on it, we want it to be on every platform possible. Fallout 76 is not because it just wasn’t doable. But honestly, there is no game in development that we haven’t had a conversation about. ‘Does this work on the Switch, do you have a plan for the Switch?’ It’s not a mandate. Everything we do has to be developer-led, but it’s something we want to make sure is on folks’ radar.”

He also made it clear that Bethesda will go where the money is, and apparently, the Switch is where it is at. He stated:

“You go where the money is because that’s how you stay in business. What we have seen compels us to say, ‘[Switch] is a viable platform for the kind of things we do going forward.”

To conclude, not only is Bethesda wanting all of their new titles to come to the handheld hybrid system if possible, but the games that they are putting out for the Switch are doing quite well for them. The power of the Nintendo Switch seems pretty strong. If it has the ability to make older titles profitable once again and launch titles sell well on the system, Bethesda will continue to try to bring their games to the platform.

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