[UPDATED] Fallout 76 Starts 2019 on a Bad Note as Nuke Codes Have Become Inaccessible

[UPDATED] Fallout 76 Starts 2019 on a Bad Note as Nuke Codes Have Become Inaccessible

Bethesda has just released a hotfix to correct Fallout 76's nuke codes glitch.

Fallout 76 has been rife with controversy since its launch in November 2018. From being released in an unacceptable and buggy state to misleading consumers about the bag included in the Fallout 76: Power Armor Edition to falsely advertising discounts on Christmas items that had never been available beforehand, almost every week of 2018 since the game’s launch has been filled to the brim with complaints on a variety of bad issues.

That being said, the new year gave Bethesda a chance to start on a new, more positive foot with their disgruntled fanbase. They even celebrated New Year’s Day yesterday by thanking their community and saying that there will be “a lot of great things coming in 2019,” on Twitter. Unfortunately, January 1 just marked the start of another issue with Fallout 76: nuke codes have stopped working.

While Fallout 76 does have a vast world and variety of story missions for players to partake in, the endgame largely consists of tracking down nuke codes in order to drop a bomb on a part of the map, possibly destroy an opponents base, and spawn powerful enemies. These codes are supposed to reset every week to keep things fresh for returning players, but a glitch (what a surprise) has prevented players from accessing this week’s new nuclear launch codes.

According to GamesRadar, some players though this was an intentional decision by Bethesda to celebrate New Year’s in a peaceful way (or to prevent players from crashing the game with multiple nukes) but the official Bethesda support account has indeed confirmed that this is a glitch.

At least that Tweet makes it clear that Bethesda is actively looking to resolve this issue. We’ll be sure to let you know when Bethesda fixes this glitch and nukes codes are accessible once more. While it’s unfortunate that Fallout 76 is starting the year on a bad note, hopefully the game will get the proper updates and improvements it needs to become a better game later in 2019.

If the nukes were somehow the only thing that scared you off from buying Fallout 76, now is probably a good time to pick up the game for PC, PS4, or Xbox One on Amazon.

UPDATE: Bethesda will be taking Fallout 76’s servers offline at 2:30pm ET today so they can release a hotfix to correct this issue:

UPDATE 2: Fallout 76 is back online after some server maintenance that fixed this nuke codes glitch:

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