Fallout 76 Player With 900+ Hours Banned by Bethesda for Having Too Much Ammo

After spending over 900 hours with Fallout 76, and trading between their two accounts, one player found themselves banned for having too much ammo.

When playing RPG’s there comes a time when your main character begins to feel…tiresome? Overworked? Whatever the wording, you’ll probably find yourself resorting to making another character and exploring the world once again. Unfortunately for one Fallout 76 player, trading ammo from their main account to a secondary account has resulted in their accounts being banned.

This entire fiasco started after the player who goes under the Reddit username, Glorf12 posted a Reddit post on February 17 on the Fallout 76 Subreddit. The post was essentially a guide of their favorite farming locations after spending over 900 hours with the title and reaching level 457. Even a member from Bethesda replied with, “This is awesome, thanks for sharing your insights with the rest of the community and helping other players out.”

However, they created a separate post detailing that they have now been banned from Fallout 76 for violating the Code of Conduct and the Terms of Service. The user received a response from Bethesda on February 18.

Glorf12 was also open about trading, stating that they jump onto their main account and trade with a second account to pass the items onto their main accounts secondary character. The reasoning for this is due to them wanting to focus on specific weapons between the two characters.

According to the email from Bethesda, they claim the account has acquired over 100,000 of one or more rare in-game items within 30 days. The email says, “The account was found exploiting the following items on your primary account: 140,960 Ultracite Ammo”. The email also details that the secondary account associated with the primary was also found in violation and was exploiting the following:

  • 150,825 45 Ammo
  • 225,111 Ultracite Ammo
  • 72,809 5mm Ammo
  • 55,949 5.56 Ammo


Both of the accounts have been suspended “until such a time as this issue is fixed in a future patch.” When a fix has been implemented to the game they state that the players Fallout 76 account will be reinstated, however, any further violations will result in a permanent ban.

As it happens it certainly appears as if Glorf12 was banned for having too much ammo, but they do clarify that they don’t believe that they ever held more than “36,000 ammo at one time”. They speculated that there’s a system in place that tracks when you pick something up, however, it possibly doesn’t track how or where you picked those items up.

To put it short, this is what they’re doing: Account 1 hosts Characters 1 and 2. In order to get items from Character 1 to Character 2, Account 2 needs to take the loot from Character 1. While Account 1’s Character 1 logs out and Character 2 logs in, Account 2 hands the items to Character 2. (I guess?) Trading is done by dropping items on the floor and then being picked up.

According to Glorf12, a patch was issued, but the accounts are still banned, most likely meaning that the patch didn’t include a fix to the issue. It appears as if they’re waiting on various support tickets to be answered to resolve this, but until then they state they’ll be giving Warframe a try.

It seems as if the user is being legit and wasn’t cheating, although Bethesda, from looking at the data I imagine, has determined it as unusual activity. This is also possibly due to Bethesda being cautious after players found a developer room last month. The company also banned cheaters in December 2018 and reportedly made them write an essay.

Fallout 76 is available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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