Fallout 76 Receives Huge Patch to Fix Bugs and Add Inventory Space

Dust off those stimpaks, Fallout 76 has a new update.

Ever since its release back in 2018, Fallout 76 has turned heads for many reasons both good and bad. When it initially launched, the game was a broken mess but turned itself around in the following months to become a game that has a substantial player base to this day. As of today, Bethesda released a major patch for all versions of Fallout 76.

According to a post on the game’s website, the patch highlights are as follows:

  • Store More Stuff!: We’ve increased the Stash limit to 1,200 pounds so you have even more room for loot.
  • Sort Your Inventory with Ease: Stay on top of all the gear you’ve been collecting by using three new tabs in your inventory: “New,” “Armor,” and “Food/Drink.”
  • What’s Weighing You Down?: From now on, when you select a stack of items in your inventory, the menu will show you the total weight of that stack.
  • Know Before You Go: Player Vending Machine tooltips on the map now displays how many 1-, 2-, and 3-star legendary items they’re selling.
  • Build Mode Color Update: Outlines in build mode now appear blue instead of green so that players with colorblindness can more easily differentiate between valid and invalid placement.

The most exciting update to the game is certainly the stash limit size’s growth. On top of that, it seems like Bethesda is focused on making inventory management easier and more user friendly. The size of the update varies from platform to platform, so check out the file sizes for each below:

  • PC (Bethesda.net): (1.6 GB)
  • PC (Microsoft Store): (5.0 GB)
  • PC (Steam): (2.0 GB)
  • PlayStation 4: (4.2 GB)
  • Xbox One: (4.8 GB)

For the full list of patch notes and bug fixes, check out the official Fallout 76 website right here. For more on Bethesda, make sure to check out this article on the recent announcement that the studio would be publishing Machine Games’ upcoming Indiana Jones title.

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