Fallout 76 Is Planned to Last "Forever" According to Pete Hines

Fallout 76 might have nukes, but the game doesn't look like it'll be getting nuked in the future.

By Ben Bayliss

November 6, 2018

It seems that Bethesda has a future planned for Fallout 76, and one that the developer doesn’t expect to end any time soon.

In a recent interview with GameSpot, Pete Hines the Vice President of Bethesda discussed the future of the multiplayer Fallout title. This is the first Fallout game to require an internet connection, so questions were raised by GameSpot asking what would happen should Bethesda decide to pull the plug on the servers? Hines said:

“How long is [Fallout 76] going to be up? Forever,”

He went on to use World of Warcraft as an example

“I don’t know how to give an answer other than that. It’s not like anybody makes a game and goes, ‘Well this is going to make it for 10 years if we’re lucky.’ Nobody thinks that way. How long has WoW been up now? Is that game planning to sunset in a year? I seriously doubt it.”

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Despite stating the above, Hines did say that while the support for Fallout 76 is planned to be “never-ending”, Bethesda may stop operating if people do stop playing. However, he is confident that it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

“We’re going to keep going as long as people keep playing it and it shows no sign of slowing down,”

“Once we get to private servers or whatever happens in the years following; I don’t know. Maybe there’s a point where it doesn’t matter. But … this is a massive franchise and a massive undertaking, and our commitment to it is it is never-ending, and that it continues on an ongoing basis.”

Fallout 76 currently has two final beta sessions scheduled up, with one taking place on November 6 and then again on November 8. We’ve also seen some big bugs take place, One of those is the speed hack issue and the bug that killed 50GB worth of data. On November 8 Ninja, Logic, and Rick and Morty are live streaming through both Mixer and Twitch.

As we get closer to launch we’ve seen the new live-action trailer, and we’ve heard that Fallout 76 won’t be arriving on the Nintendo Switch because it “just wasn’t doable”.

Fallout 76 will be launching on November 14 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. If you haven’t already and are thinking about it, you can pre-order a copy at Amazon.

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