Famitsu Offers Peek at Level-5's Time Travelers

Level-5 adventure game Time Travelers is no longer a whisper on the wind in the form of an enigmatic trailer. This week’s Famitsu proffers up new information on the project, including news that the game is not only headed to 3DS, but to the Playstation Vita and old-timer PSP as well.

The game begins in 2013 when the “Lost Hole,” a mysterious gaping hole, suddenly appears in the sky over Tokyo. This results in an explosion that destroys the city. We are then taken eighteen years into the future, April 28, 2031 to be exact, Tokyo has been rebuilt, and with a futuristic feel — the city sports holographic signs and a massive 2,000-meter-high “Space Elevator” that serves as the city’s main power source. Where the story goes from here… we can only hope to hear more from Level-5 soon.

Famitsu also provides short introductions for five of the game’s characters: Fushimi Hina, a girl who dreams of becoming a newscaster and seeks to unmask the mystery behind a terrorist called Mysterious Kaijin; Fukase Yuri, a junior high school student who keeps his emotions to himself and is connected to the girl in the game’s original trailer, Mikoto; Kamiya Soma, a cop who is forced to aid a terrorist in order to save his kidnapped wife and child; Shindo Kyugo, a con-artist who cheats unsuspecting people by convincing them he is working on a time machine; and Ressentiment, a 30-year-old unemployed cosplayer who has recently become single and survives off his father’s handouts.

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