Famitsu Reveals New Info on Wii U Title Splatoon, No Voice Chat Between Players Matched Up Online (UPDATED)

Famitsu Reveals New Info on Wii U Title Splatoon, No Voice Chat Between Players Matched Up Online (UPDATED)

Japanese publication Famitsu debuted a 10-page feature of the upcoming colorful Wii U shooter Splatoon, revealing new info on the title — including some juicy tidbits on gameplay modes and online voice chat.

Luckily for us, all the new information from the spread has been posted online by Japanese site Sinobi. Here are a summary of the main points made in the spread (thanks to Streets Ahead for the translation):

  1. Working on a local multiplayer mode in addition to online and Hero Mode
  2. Hero mode is predominantly a 3D platformer with heavy emphasis on human-squid transformations
  3. Random matching is done world wide, game tries to place you with players close to your skill level based on ratings
  4. Tried implementing a system whereby you could give orders to your team mates, but battles were too quick and hectic for them to be effective so they got rid of the feature
  5. Game won’t use CPU fighters; only once 8 human players have been found will a match start
  6. Having multiple modes with random matching would limit the number of players per mode, so all the focus is on the 4 vs. 4 for that
  7. No communication with players you are matched with
  8. They didn’t think of using Bloopers when they decided on squids (they apparently forgot they existed)
  9. No money can be earned in Hero Mode. Your points, as displayed at the end of the match, are turned into money and experience points.
  10. A lot of the music is written by Touru Minegishi (who has worked on Zelda, Animal Crossing, and Super Mario)

Keep in mind that the sentence concerning the online voice chat is still pretty vague, as it only states that players who are matched-up online cannot voice chat. This means that there could be a party chat function instead for the game.

Update: Even more information has been added from the scans, which has been posted below:

  1. The Inkling city (where the plaza is) is known as ‘Highcolor/Haikara City’ in Japanese.
  2. The concept of two teams of four shooting ink in a turf battle has been there since the original prototype, even though the characters where tofu-like blocks at the time.
  3. They experimented with other team sizes, but found with more than four players felt like they had little effect on battles, and with less than four that they had too much responsibility.
  4. Killing/attacking opponents online to prevent them from painting ink is just one strategy to win. You get no points or advantage directly from doing so.
  5. Hero mode uses basically the same controls as online matches, so anyone with difficulty in the can use the hero mode to practice.
  6. Ideally, you’ll be matched with players of a similar rank to you (based off of experience points earned in matches). If not enough players, they’ll put you with people further away from your rank.
  7. While online is focused on just painting the ground, hero mode focuses on using the ink to move forward.
  8. Amano says he wants you to be able to look at the map on the GamePad and see where needs to be worked on for your team.
  9. No way to directly communicate with people you’ve been randomly matched with. They will appear post-match in your Plaza, where you can check out their gear, weapons, and comment.
  10. They picked squids because they were the best at representing the gameplay present in the prototype.
  11. Music for stages is random. Possible that I’m misunderstanding, but each player will have a different song while playing.
  12. Music is designed to be the sort that would be popular with the young Inklings involved with the turf battles.
  13. Rather than making some huge number of stages, they want to create stages that feel different when you use different weapon combinations.
  14. You don’t earn money for gear in single player for balance reasons. Someone could grind money in hero mode and have their first online match with high level gear.
  15. In the final stages of development now.
  16. Aiming for, more or less, a simultaneous worldwide release.
  17. They plan on supporting the title post-release.

There’s also a new tweet from the official Splatoon account, which gives a us an adorable tidbit on the jellyfish:

広場にはイカに混じってクラゲたちが闊歩している。イカに次いで個体数の多い種族のようだが、普通のクラゲはイカの言葉を話すことができない。 では、なぜエチゼンだけが話すことができるのか?努力して覚えたのか?意外と頑張り屋さんだな…。 pic.twitter.com/02wi36iKge

— Splatoon(スプラトゥーン) (@SplatoonJP) February 4, 2015

In the main plaza there are some jellyfish strutting about amongst the Inklings. THey appear to be the most common species after the Inklings, but normal jellyfish can’t speak the Inkling language. So why can Jelfonzo speak it? Did he study hard and learn it? He’s an unexpectedly hard worker….

I’m pretty excited for Splatoon and with each new update it gets harder and harder to wait until I can get my hands on it.