Famitsu Reveals Tales of Xillia’s Growth System

Famitsu Reveals Tales of Xillia’s Growth System

The first details about the character growth systems in the upcoming PS3 JRPG Tales of Xillia have been revealed on Famitsu.com, showing a diagram very similar (actually strikingly identical) to a spider chart.  Players will receive special orbs that raise some statistics (like Hit Points or Technique Points) and give abilities, and will be able to arrange them on the chart.

If this growth system works like a spider chart as much as it looks, placing more spheres on one of the axes will raise the corresponding statistic.

Famitsu also confirmed the presence of the Link mode, that will allow two or more characters to join forces to deliver devastating attacks together.

Finally, more DLC costumes have been shown, this time allowing the game’s heroines to dress-up like those of Idol Master 2. You can see all the relevant pictures in the gallery below.