Fan Artist Reimagines Pokemon With Majestic Pokéfusions


By Natalie Schmidt

October 9, 2021

With 25 years of Pokémon releases, fans are now all too familiar with the series’ most beloved creatures – but what would happen if you fused some of them into a single Pokémon?

Pokémon designs have varied massively over the years, from giant menacing winged creatures to cute little ice cream cone-shaped friends. Without a doubt, artists have depicted them in all kinds of styles and genres, showing the real versatility of the game’s best characters.

It follows then, that some artists would take to combining the best features of the franchise’s most beloved Pokémon. Fan artist Leo Iruga is one such artist, and they’re a true master of Pokéfusion renderings.

Pokémon UNITE | Mobile Launch Trailer

Pokémon UNITE | Mobile Launch Trailer


Pokéfusions have been around for a long time, inspiring artists back in the DeviantArt days to now. Using popular generators like Pokémon Fusion or Pokémon Fusion Generator, fans and artists alike can see how their favorite Pokémon combine.

This time though, artist Leo Iruga has taken their own Pokémon and designed entirely new Pokéfusions. Of them all, their renderings are particularly impressive – they’ve stuck true to the overall Pokémon design style, but with their own added flavor.

While some Pokéfusions lean more horror (in a fresh and unique way), they are still at their core recognizably Pokémon. Here, Iruga has taken the recognizable elements of two fused Pokémon to form an entirely new creature. It’s easy to imagine what kinds of abilities and types they could be, which is a real testament to Iruga’s design chops.

The Sawbuck x Altaria fusion is just ethereal, keeping Altaria’s cloud-like wings to fluff up the majestic-looking deer. Additionally, the mossy fur adorning the Roserade x Flygon fusion creates both a soft yet tough look, perfect for a Pokémon whose tail ends in 3 giant thorns.

Pokéfusions are truly special creatures, representing the limits of imagination when it comes to creature character design. After all, with around 900 different designs, it’s difficult to imagine expanding the franchise’s collection even further. But, looking at Iruga’s reimagined Pokéfusions, it just shows that the sky’s the limit.

To see more of Iruga’s work, you can check out their Instagram or their posts on the r/Pokemon subreddit. They’ve created a whole wealth of Pokémon-inspired art, from these fusions to Egyptian-style Pokémon, and I for one am excited to see what they’ll create next.

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