Fan Creates Ultimate Arcane x VALORANT Crossover With Alluring Art

November 22, 2021

One fan artist brings together Riot’s two biggest franchises in a killer Arcane x VALORANT art crossover.

Riot’s League of Legends-based series Arcane took Netflix by storm this month when Act 3 of the animated series finally released on November 20th.

Centering on sisters Powder and Vi, the series details how the introduction of hextech threatens the already-strained balance between the posh Piltover and the polluted undercity Zaun.

With the success of this show, as well as a successful launch of a new VALORANT agent, Riot Games’ two major franchises remain wildly popular. One fan artist imagined what a crossover between the two games might look like, bringing one venomous VALORANT agent into the world of Arcane.

Arcane: Animated Series | A Score To Settle

Arcane: Animated Series | A Score To Settle


Venezuelan-based artist Lehis Luguer is a true expert of the dark and moody. Incorporating wisps of fog and the neon lights of the undercity, they’ve truly captured the corroded atmosphere of Zaun.

Bringing together a grown-up Powder (aka Jinx) with a cloaked Viper, Luguer’s art shows off a perfectly deadly match. Zaun is fettered with both dangerous tech and volatile people (not to mention the toxic waste), making it the perfect environment for a chemicals expert like Viper. With her penchant for toxic clouds and poisonous acid, it’s no wonder that she fits perfectly into Arcane‘s universe.

Though, just looking at their personalities, the two couldn’t seem more different on the surface. Surprisingly, it’s the contrast itself that makes the match work. Jinx’s tough impulsiveness would be balanced with Viper’s calculated lethality, making for a pair that would take Zaun by storm.

Even then, Viper is canonically the type to stop at nothing to achieve her revenge. According to various voice lines triggered within VALORANT, Viper doesn’t hesitate to call herself a “monster” or “villain.” Her chilly revenge arc certainly mirrors Arcane, as the series follows a similar arc in Powder’s dark transformation into Jinx.

Luguer’s talent for thoughtfully combining lore from both games makes this a crossover that I wish Riot would go through with. Unfortunately, the current extent of any kind of crossover stops at VALORANT‘s Arcane bundle. For now, fans will just have to continue to hope for a more in-depth collaboration.

To see more of Luguer’s fantastic art, check out their Instagram or their Art Station site. Otherwise, Arcane season 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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