Fan Finds Real Life Final Fantasy 7's Midgar In Japan

May 9, 2022

Final Fantasy 7 would be delighted to see a real-life location that is quite similar to one of the most important locations in the game, Midgar.

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According to a tweet shared by Twitter user aitaikimochi there is a factory in one of Japan’s prefectures, Gunma which is astoundingly similar to Final Fantasy 7‘s Midgar. The tweet states that this factory has been making rounds on social media lately just based on the fact that it looks exactly like Midgar. It is further added that some have already started calling it Gunma’s Midgar, named after the prefecture it is based in.

This Factory In Japan Is Astoundingly Similar To Final Fantasy 7’s Midgar

Since the moment the tweet has been posted, users have been expressing their views about this revelation. One user suggests trying going for some sort of cosplay there, to which the original poster replies that they are looking into it. Another user verifies the credibility of the post, by stating that the factory is indeed real as it has a website and it is called Toho Zinc, located in Annaka, Gunma.

It seems like many fans would be visiting the place now to visit the location in real life. It should be noted that this is not the first time that someone has spotted a real-life location from Final Fantasy 7. About a year ago, a Reddit user had found a chapel that was quite similar to the Aerith Church Garden. Back then, it got quite viral and it was actually surprising how the entire setting of the place complemented the appearance of Aerith Church Garden. Obviously, there were some differences and it was not totally the same, at first glance, one would find both of the locations quite similar, to say the least.

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