Check Out This Fan Made “Alternate Ending” to Assassins Creed II

Check Out This Fan Made “Alternate Ending” to Assassins Creed II

A Reddit user created a fan-made "alternate ending" to Assassins Creed II by combining it with the a cutaway to the For Honor event.

Combined gifs or videos can be some of the funniest things I see on the internet. If you are not subscribed to r/combinedgifs yet, I would highly recommend it. This fan-made “alternate ending” in Assassins Creed II should be posted on that page because it would get a plethora of upvotes. I put an alternate ending in quotes because, well, you will see.

The Reddit user “hitchern” combined the ending of Assassins Creed II with a cutaway to the Assassins Creed crossover event in For Honor. You can watch the hilarious video below.

Assassins Creed II Alternate Ending from r/forhonor

What kind of surprised me from this video wasn’t the cutaway, but how well the voice syncing with characters was. Many open world games today use automatic voice syncing software to closely match character mouths movements with what they are saying. It is a great workaround for massive games that would take way to long to animate each phrase from every character in the world. However, you do not see the same quality that you would in a shorter/linear game such as in Uncharted or God of War. Maybe I am just giving it the benefit of the doubt because the game is almost ten years old now, it just stood out to me for some reason.