Fan-made Witcher Diorama Depicts Misty Scene of Geralt Hunting a Leshy

May 18, 2022

Bringing the world of The Witcher to life in small-scale, jack-of-all-crafts GeordieCrafts created a stunning fan-made Witcher diorama depicting Geralt and a Leshy.

Menacing monsters and hard decisions await players in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, CD Projekt Red’s biggest Witcher game. Though it launched about seven years ago in mid-2015, it remains one of gaming’s most recognizable titles. With heartwrenching side quests, a stunning environment, and powerful personalities, it’s no wonder why The Witcher has continued to inspire fans around the world.


Struck by the mystical dark fantasy environment, one Witcher fan went the extra mile. Artist GeordieCrafts created a snapshot of Geralt and a Leshy, crafting an incredibly detailed diorama completely from scratch.


GeordieCrafts is a self-described “jack of all crafts” – a title that rings true when you know the extent of her skills. From wood carving to 3D modeling to painting to sculpting, GeordieCrafts is a master of handy crafts skills.

In this diorama, she pulls us into the world of The Witcher, showing a scene with Roach and Geralt at camp. In the distance, a menacing Leshy crawls out of a cave, threatening our favorite witcher from the darkness.

Every bit of this diorama is handcrafted to incredible precision, resulting in a beautiful little world somehow encapsulated in a small frame. GeordieCrafts cut and sanded the wooden panels by hand, fit on brass hinges for a door, and decorated them with brass accoutrement for a final touch.

The landscape itself is sculpted with XPS foam, sculpt mold, and dry clay. These materials combined add both a strong foundation for the structure of the environment and realistic texture. After laying the base, GeordieCrafts then turns to bringing the characters to life.

Following the 3D modeling process, GoerdieCrafts meticulously painted the Roach, Geralt, and Leshy figure. The three look utterly life-like, adding stunning detail to the overall diorama.

Additionally, she cleverly used hot glue to build trees and bushes to cover the landscape. What results is an incredibly realistic forest scene, complete with an aqua-blue river running down the middle.

As if that weren’t cool enough, GeordieCrafts outfitted the diorama with green light and fog. The gentle mist adds movement to the diorama, perfectly capturing the vibe of The Witcher world.

Finally, to see more of GeordieCraft’s diorama, check out her full video on her process down below. Her gorgeous dioramas are also on her YouTube and Instagram!

Natalie Schmidt

Natalie (She/Her) is a writer and game design enthusiast hailing from way-too-sunny Los Angeles. She loves to dissect game narrative and analyze mechanics, but she doesn’t even want to think about how many hours she’s spent playing D&D or The Witcher 3. Aside from triple-A adventures, she’s passionate about RPGs of all kinds and meaningful representation in games

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