Fanatical Is Having a Sale for Games Rated Very Positive on Steam

Fanatical Is Having a Sale for Games Rated Very Positive on Steam

Great games you may not have known about are featured in Fanatical's new Very Positive Sale, grouping up titles well-received on steam.

Fanatical, previously known as Bundle Stars, is a site similar to Humble Bundle where deep cut sales on games (usually coming with Steam keys) and bundled sales happen regularly. They also offer curated lists of games on sale such as indie RPGs, indie Action games, etc. Today, however, a new collection was announced: The Very Positive collection.

Simply put, this is a list of games on sale, selected by Fanatical, that have a very positive rating on Steam. The specially curated aspect makes it so good games that may not usually get the spotlight can be found.

Games in this list include Tabletop Simulator, Dead Cells, Overcooked, Yooka Laylee, and BeholderAll of these titles are well-received, as the collection’s name would imply, but cleverly left out are games that everybody knows are good.

As mentioned above, buying a game through Fanatical gets you a Steam key. Simply taking the key you’ve purchased and pasting it into the ‘activate a product on Steam’ selection will add it to your library.

Fanatical changed from Bundle Stars in Fall 2018, porting over all previous purchases made by users. The site specializes in these collections and group discounts. More sales can be found on their main page.