DualShockers Deal Hunters: Fanatical Sega Week Steam Sale

DualShockers Deal Hunters: Fanatical Sega Week Steam Sale

Sega Week is here! All week long, Fanatical is hosting a sale specifically for Sega games! During this limited time, you’ll find discounts on tons of popular Sega titles including Sonic, WarhammerBayonetta and more.

Follow this affiliate link to see the full sale for yourself.

Here’s a list a few of the games included in Fanatical’s Sega Week Sale:
Limited Time Sega Week Deals

In addition to weeklong discounts, Fanatical is also hosting limited-time “Star Deals.” Every day this week, a new game is going on sale. Here’s the first batch of Star Deals:

Fanatical’s Sega Week won’t last forever. If you’re interested, you’ve gotta go fast!

Personally, I’ll recommend Alpha Protocol. It’s only $1.50 and, in my opinion, that’s an excellent price for this cult classic title. We properly reviewed Alpha Protocol, but I’d rather link to this glowing “it wasn’t that bad” editorial. After all, that piece better illustrates my point.

Now, I’m not arguing that this game is flawless. To be clear: it’s packed tight with flaws. In fact, calling Alpha Protocol “janky” would almost be a compliment. That said, it features one of the most interesting branching narratives ever seen in a game. I was thoroughly impressed by how many wild turns the story can take based on player decisions.

Are you picking up any Sega games in this sale? Let us know in the comments.

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