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Recently an editorial on Destructiod written by Jim Sterling raised eyebrows, alarms, and anger levels in the minds of the Sony fanboy army. It was entitled “Fact: PS3 Fanboys are the worst” and was based on the very argument it states in the title. To sum up or paraphase what was said is basically that out of all of the fanboys of the 3 console manufacturers, Sony’s followers are at the very bottom of the bunch, probably one level up from shit. My favorite line was “perhaps they just have tiny penises” (his words, not mine).

Where he (and many like him) see them as the worst kind of fanboy scum, I have a different take all together. I consider them as the most passionate. This does not apply to only one group of brand loyalists; Nintendo and Microsoft fanboys are included as well. I know that most would agree with Sterling’s piece in the regard that not all fanboys are created equal (albeit some more ignorant than others) but one thing that you can’t take away is that these types of gamers have serious (sometime blinded) passion and loyalty to their console of choice no matter what.

This notion that “suits” in the corporate offices of the big 3 console makers could care less about fanboys I think is quite incorrect. Saying that exclusivity petitions are pointless and without merit is also false. Here’s quick example of this. Last year Sony fanboys (as patient as they were for a whole year before that) began to get very frustrated over the lack of features and functionality of the PSN. You don’t have to go too far back to recall a time when the XMB was inaccessible while in game, and the PSN lacked many simple functions (available to Xbox Live users for years) like an in-game chat option. These functions weren’t a part of Sony’s original feature set when the PS3 originally launched. It was after the Sony fanboy army (and critics alike) started demanding change that things began to turn around. The question is: do you think if it wasn’t demanded of them, would Sony have done anything? I don’t think so. Most corporations, in order to save money usually rely on the, “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality, especially in times of economic downturn. Yet with this current generation of consoles being readily able to connect to the Internet and firmware/features updates possible it is because of these “ignorant” and “rabid” fanboys (doesn’t matter the brand) making demands that there is a sense of accountability on the behalf of the console manufacturers.

If marketers and advertisers alike were just one tenth as passionate and dedicated to what they represent like fanboys are, I couldn’t  begin to imagine how much of an even bigger audience and bigger markets that video games would be able to reach. As a gaming journalist, I hate it when I go to an event to check out or get hands on time with a title, and I’m getting an earful from a non-gaming-educated, uninterested, public relations robot. It makes me wish they would throw in a  crazy one-sided fanboy just to spark things up for a change.Those guys can convince anyone that a crappy game is anything but.

Gaming Sites , Blogs, and forums may be the vehicle, but it’s the fanboys (even with all their faults, and the Sony ones with their “small penises”)that are the fuel that helps to drive change in the industry we all share and love. Now that’s a fact.

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Joel Taveras

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