Fans Pelt Nintendo with RPG Localization Requests Via “Operation Rainfall”

Fans Pelt Nintendo with RPG Localization Requests Via “Operation Rainfall”

One of the biggest things I was disappointed about at E3 was the lack of any news regarding North American localizations of Xenoblade, Pandora’s Tower and The Last Story, which fans have been clamoring for since they were announced for Japan. The good news is that there’s a campaign that started on the IGN forums that is focused on getting Nintendo to localize those three titles.

Dubbed “Operation Rainfall”, this petition initiative sees fans spamming Nintendo’s Facebook and Twitter sites, as well as sending snail mail letters to Nintendo of America’s HQ.

What takes the cake, though, is the unique way they’re going about sending a message to Nintendo. They’re using Amazon to translate pre-orders for a game that Xenoblade used to be called – Monado: Beginning of the World – into direct intent to purchase. See, mailing letters to Nintendo and posting on their online fan sites will only get you so far. Anyone can do that. However, having the original game up on Amazon has given fans an outlet to demonstrate to Nintendo of America just how much they want Xenoblade by laying down cold, hard cash with an intent to pre-order.

What has all this accomplished? Monado: Beginning of the World hit Amazon’s top seller in the videogame department. More likely than any letters, online petitions or shallow random posts on Facebook, this is money in Ninendo’s pocket and is likely to snap Reggie to attention faster than a wet towel to the hind-quarters.

What has been the response so far? While it wasn’t from the likes of Reggie, a social media intern at Nintendo tweeted, “Hey fans, we appreciate your enthusiasm. Look for more updates to come soon!”

This little message is appreciated, it is just unfortunate that it took a campaign like this – as unique as it is – to get a Japanese company to localize Japanese RPGs for their fans in the U.S. Stay tuned here and we’ll be sure to let you know if any solid news erupts on the subject of U.S. localization for these titles. Xenoblade has already been announced for a European release, and The Last Story is rumored to be localized for that region, as well.