Fans Show Their Love For Hunter X Hunter By Sharing These Hilarious Memes


Hope we get the release date for new chapters soon.

May 27, 2022

Hunter x Hunter author recently confirmed that the manga is coming back from its long hiatus. The entire manga community was obviously thrilled after the announcement, so fans started showing their love for Hunter x Hunter through hilarious memes.

Hunter X Hunter has been on hiatus since 26th November 2018, stuck on its chapter 390. Well, it seems like the dedication of the fans for the manga’s return finally paid off as the new chapters were announced a few days back. At first, it wasn’t clear if the Twitter account speculated to be of Yoshihiro Togashi was even real. But after the confirmation from the One Punch Man author Yusuke Murata, it’s not a rumor anymore.

Right after the release of new sketches from Togashi’s account, fans went berserk on the internet. Thousands of Twitter accounts celebrated the manga’s return in their own way. As expected, fans didn’t break the custom of sharing hilarious memes as well.

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Hilarious Hunter X Hunter Memes Shared By Fans

1. Yes! We Are Ready

Well, wearing a suit is too much, but yes, we all are ready for the new chapters now. It’s been three and a half years, so the meme totally makes sense.

2. Anya Supports Hunter X Hunter

Isn’t Anya too young for Hunter X Hunter? The show has some really childish moments, but what about all the bloodshed?

3. It’s Hard To Control Emotions

This is true and funny at the same time. Every single Tweet from Togashi’s account is going to touch fans’ hearts for sure. This meme also reminds us of another hilarious meme; Emotional Damage!

4. Hisoka In The Meme World

Thanks to Yoshihiro Togashi, Hisoka doesn’t look anything like the guy above; else, it would have been hard to take him seriously. But still, it’s the perfect Hisoka for the meme world.

5. Don’t Misjudge HXH

Once again, a big thanks to Togashi for not illustrating Hisoka, Illumi, and Chrollo like it’s done in the tweet. But we all would definitely laugh hard if someone judged Hunter X Hunter to be a happy and adventurous anime.

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6. Appreciating Togashi Once Again

Once again, yes, it’s true that Hunter X Hunter is returning with new chapters. Your long wait is over, and it’s time to cheer up.

7. We Don’t Consider Kurapika As Side Character

Although he has appeared less than the main characters in both HXH manga and anime, Kurapika is still the favorite character of many fans. And yes, we all love Kurapika, and he looks so pretty.

8. Don’t Keep Us Waiting Anymore

We still don’t have confirmed release dates for the new chapters yet, which is frustrating for some fans. But still, this isn’t the best way to ask Togashi for any more news.

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