Fantastic Contraption Releasing on PlayStation VR July 11

Fantastic Contraption Releasing on PlayStation VR July 11

Fantastic Contraption is finally making its way to PS VR on July 11, boasting new features, levels, and PS4 Pro Support.

Radial Games took to PlayStation Blog today to announce that Fantastic Contraption, which came out on HTC Vive  last year as a launch title, will finally be releasing on PlayStation VR July 11.

For those who don’t know, Fantastic Contraption is a puzzle game where players use the PS VR’s motion controls to construct machines from building materials in order to complete various challenges. The game will be $19.99, though PlayStation Plus members can get 10% launch week.

The PS VR version of the game now lets players to resize and change the position their game world at the press of a button on “Resize Island”, and even includes some brand new levels. The game even includes some bonuses for those playing on a PS4 Pro, which you can check out below:

  • 8xAA – We averaged out all those sharp corners for smoother looking curves!
  • Higher-resolution textures – you can almost smell that wood-grain!
  • Improved backdrops and scenery
  • Additional special-effects and visual flairs
  • Extra island decorations
  • 125% resolution oversampling – A fancy way of saying that things look real sharp in there.

You can check out Fantastic Contraption’s PS VR trailer and some screenshots of the title below. Fantastic Contraption is currently available on PC for HTC Vive.