PS4 Exclusive Deep Down Gets New Amazing Screenshots and Renders: Info Shared on Weapons and Armor

PS4 Exclusive Deep Down Gets New Amazing Screenshots and Renders: Info Shared on Weapons and Armor

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia released some new renders and screenshots of the upcoming PS4 exclusive Deep Down, also sharing more information on some of the different kinds of weapons and armor that will be available in the game.

We learn more about the three kinds of weapons that have been unveiled so far. The choice of weapon is defined crucial to defeat the monsters encountered in the game’s dungeons.

The spear is a weapon based on accuracy, that can hit different parts of the body following the “eye poking” concept. It can seal away the attack of a monster by hitting the arm, or hamper its movement by hitting the feet or the knee. Since every monsters has a weakness, using a spear with accuracy can be very advantageous.

The one handed sword has the advantage of being able to use a shield, allowing the player to block enemy attacks and attack himself at the same time. The speed of the sword also gives an advantage, especially in tight situations. Given its defensive advantage, this kind of sword can be defined the easiest to use for beginners.

Two handed swords have their main advantage in a considerable attack power and range, but they lose in attack speed to one handed swords and spears. They’re aolso good to defeat monsters monster that have a small attack range.

Using the right weapons against the right monster will be decisive in clearing each dungeon, even if it’s not specified whether it’s possible to change weapons on the fly or we’ll have to rely on our friends.

A piece of concept artwork also shows a few models of armor. There will be a large difference due to the fact that players enter dungeons through touching a statue. They will appear in the dungeon wearing the armor and wielding the weapons related to the time period that statue originates from.

This particular artwork showcases armor related to the 15th century in Europe, with a lot of metal plates and quilted parts to absorb the blows. The next generation graphical power of the PS4 is supposed to be able to “express the realistic feel of the materials” of the different kinds of armor and equipment.

You can check out all the new assets in the gallery below.