Fantasy Business Sim Shoppe Keep Announced for PS4; Coming Early 2017

Fantasy Business Sim Shoppe Keep Announced for PS4; Coming Early 2017

Today, developer Excalibur Games announced that its fantasy business sim Shoppe Keep is coming to PS4 sometime in early 2017.

Never heard of Shoppe Keep? No problem — here’s an official overview from Excalibur itself, courtesy of the PlayStation Blog:

Grow and run your business

Setting up shoppe in ye olde world of Shoppe Keep is one of the first things you’ll do once you get your hands on the game! You have the ability to choose your own stock, set your own prices, and layout your shoppe-floor however you wish to. Though, be warned! Your customers can… overreact just a little bit if you make choices they do not favour.

Sell to a wide range of customers

Come early 2017, you’ll be able to sell staffs, swords, bows and arrows, mage cloaks, warrior armour and much more! You’ll stand at your store entrance like a proud parent seeing their child off to school – but instead, you’ll be seeing your customer walk off to battle a dragon in your best armour, probably never to return again.

Buy a huge mechanical grinder?

You’ll often have to clear up the mess made by pesky customers, and you’ll need something to rid of the excess. What you choose to chuck in the grinder is up to you…

Murder store enemies!

Sometimes thieves and barbarians can completely wreck the very Shoppe that you’ve worked so hard to build and maintain! Swords and magic are at your disposal to… dispose of trouble.

Sweep corpses from the floor!

Don’t want to fill your store’s grinder with flesh and bones? Then use the mighty broomstick to clear up!

The self-described “perfectly safe and calm” game is currently available on PC, Mac and Linux. Below, you can watch the PS4 announcement trailer: