Far Cry 4 Director Talks New Features, Animals, and More

on July 14, 2014 10:11 AM

Narrative Director for Far Cry 4, Mark Thompson, recently sat down and did an interview about the upcoming Far Cry title. The game is set in the Himalayas in a fictional town called Kyrat.

Thompson gives the reasoning behind the decision to move to a mountainous region:

We wanted to have an accompanying refresh in visuals for the environment, so we decided on the Himalayas”

“The world is a lot more verttical which gives us a lot more new gameplay opportunities”

“It allows us to add new features like the gyrocopter, the grappling, or climbing system”

In a new sequel to a long running game franchise, it is always obviously important to find ways to innovate. He goes on to say that there are multiple different ecosystems at play in the game, and the verticality of the game is heightened by the existence of new animals that can attack from above, like the eagle.

Interesting enough, Thompson introduces a cool new feature having to do with the mountain tops:

“Later on when you start to get to the tops of those mountains, we start to play with the environment a little bit, we have lizards. Some places you even need to use oxygen to get to that altitude”

With the critically acclaimed success of Far Cry 3, can Ubisoft Montreal pull out another amazing sequel? So far it looks promising.


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